So.  Here’s the deal.

4 weeks in a cast.  4 weeks in a boot.

and now.

6 weeks of Non-Running.

I felt sorry for myself.  I did.

Everyone who knows me, knows I brought my running shoe when the boot was removed

As if…as if I could run out of the doctor’s office.  But.  No.

I gained 5 pounds, then more.

Mostly from inactivity, but also from self-pity.

I am now more determined than ever.

Not only to get my body run-ready.

But to get my mind out of the proverbial gutter of woe.

I am also mightily addicted to Hipstamatic, so I coupled my passion for photos…

with my passion for rediscovering the gym.

And waking up muscles that have been dormant.

The last few weeks, I’ve gotten a schedule going.

I saw sweat.  I burned.  I felt that great soreness the day after.

I lifted upper body, then worked on the core with the Nike Trainer Club app.

I did elliptical, bike and pool running from this site, sent by ultrarunnergirl Kirsten.

I’m journaling like a fiend on Livestrong’s Daily Plate App.

I’m trying to eat non-processed.  Well.  Except for the Diet Coke problem I have.

I’m adding protein, and trying to follow The Skinny Rules.

I had oatmeal and eggs for breakfast.  

Garlic steak & a protein banana berry smoothie post workout.

And yeah.  I got my focus back.

In the last picture, you can see the leg on the left that has atrophied.

Zero muscle compared to the right.

4 weeks.  2 days.  Until I can run, I’ll be at the gym.


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One thought on “GymRat

  1. I love reading your blog. You have great thoughts. And great attitude. And wonderful honesty from the heart.
    So glad you are doing (and enjoying) some pool running. Your comeback is gonna be epic!!

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