There are enough irksome and troublesome things in life; aren’t things just as bad at the Olympic festival?  Aren’t you scorched by the fierce heat?  Aren’t you crushed in the crowd?  Isn’t it difficult to freshen yourself up?  Doesn’t the rain soak you to the skin?  Aren’t you bothered by the noise, the din and other nuisances?  But it seems to me that you are well able to bear and indeed gladly endure all this, when you think of the gripping spectacles that you will see.  ~Epictetus~ 1st-2nd century, A.D.

Today starts track and field.

Afghanistan women compete.  Dressed in head to toe.

But.  They get to.  They are allowed.

This is that time of the event.

When all of us.  The dreamers.

We compete for PRs, for new goals and distances.

Or we just fantasize about the time when once again.

We can lace up and toe the line.

Good luck to all the athletes!!

Where is the Olympic glory?  It is where you should always look for glory-within the individual. ~Will-Weber

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