I am thrilled to say that I put another 3.26 miles in the recovery bank. I did a run/walk at a faster pace today, and seemingly, I ran more of the block than on Wednesday.  I am simply thrilled to be on the streets.

I was reflecting on the last 5 years of running this town, and on the many miles I gutted out, or ran with bliss.  Because in running, it’s not “either-or” …it’s all of the above.  You can be running happy, then feel a pull or a twinge or see a car or trip.   Running is the ultimate roller coaster…a fast and fun ride at times.

I’m on the recovery path.  Today, weird things hurt:  my lower back, my inner thighs.  Places on my body that have been under-trained in the last 14 weeks of casted blues.  I was a little winded, and reminded myself that I had to slow down.

It’s only 6.37 miles.  But August?  It’s a “win”.


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