Today, I laced up for another 3.3 miles of recovery.  It was a little warmer than the last two runs, and yet I still went out sort of late.  I decided to go the opposite way and headed out to the trail by the golf course.   As I headed out there, I thought I would hit the trail, but I started to think about all the dogs I’ve seen here and there on that trail.  I decided that if I had to run for my life, I wouldn’t make it.  I’m simply not that fit yet.  So, I went to the right.  I don’t know what made me think of dogs, but it was on my mind.

I started to turn toward the corner of the trail, having done a sort of a block to block run for the first 1.5 miles.  Just as I turned, a German Shepherd stood lazily in the parking lot.  Nothing separated us but the chain link fence, and there was an opening in which he could simply charge at me.  I remembered this post, In Which I Speak Dog, when Kim and I had come across a Pit Bull on a long 17 miler.  She started pointing and yelling at him, and we both were saying NO NO NO…and the dog simply turned and walked away.

I always remember Canine Encounters article, in which there are several tips to deal with dogs.  Today, I stopped, turned and looked at the dog eyeball to eyeball and said “STAY!”  He really wasn’t very ferocious, but he stopped.  And, then he turned the other way.  As I sat in the spa today post run, I read the new Runners World with the article of the brothers who nearly died on a run from a pack of not-so-wild pit bulls.  It certainly was timely.

I ended this run with gratitude, and with hope of the coming Fall.  The air is getting crisper, and some of my favorite sounds wafted through my windows last night.  The football announcer can be heard because I live so close to the stadium.  Both of my boys are full of activity during the day, and then they meet their friends at the local football games at night.  Just like we all did in High School.

3.33 miles more in the Recovery Bank.  Stared down a dog, and feeling stronger every day.

3 thoughts on “Recovery Miles & Dogs & Such.

  1. I just read that article myself on Friday and was mortified. I have had several close encounters with dogs in my neighborhood, and I have been looking for them the past few days after reading that. Take some pepper spray just in case!

  2. Running past dogs scares the living daylights out of me (full disclosure: not a dog person). I’ve tried speaking firmly and saying “stay,” but I think they smell my fear…

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