I had a dream last night.  It was the most bizarre dream.  I drove to the beach, to a little seaside motel.  I had this little car, and only my car key (the others were gone). It seems I was going back for something.  Or I wanted something.  I’m not sure which.

As I waited outside, I could see couples and families and I heard the roar of the ocean.  I revved the car, it turned left and went straight into the ground, skidding several hundred feet.  I’ve had this dream before…where I get killed in a car, or the car is spinning out of control, and I cannot stop it, but.  I am awake.  As I sat in the driver’s seat, I thought, I’ll bet I can go get some help in the motel.

I got out of the car.  I went to the second floor open balcony, and looked in several rooms.  No one was there.  No one was at the front desk.  I started to head down the stairs, and a man and his daughter were walking up.  He did not look at me, but he was speaking in French.  There were a few other families and couples milling around, but they did not seem to see me.  I was signaling for help silently…wishing they could read my mind and help me.

But.  No one came.  Not only did they not help me, it appeared that I was on my own.

I woke with a start.   4am.  I stayed awake for 2 hours just mulling over the events in my mind.  I’m a dream analysis type of girl.  A neophyte observer would attach meaning to being stuck and alone.   But…as a Freudian we know that dreams aren’t always as they appear.  Looking at it as an observer, I would imagine that there’s something about that mud there…or the ocean.  What would the ocean say?

All I know is that…Reverse seemed the only option to get out of the mud.  The dream ended.

New thought:  My foot hurts.  It does.  I haven’t run for 3 days.  It’s got that familiar little twinge.  I feel like I’m going backward.  Stuck in Reverse.


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