I forgot how good it feels to run in the morning.  When the air is crisp, and the sun is not yet hot.  I had to get up early today because of a crazy morning schedule and start my 4th week of recovery runs.  I am up to 3 blocks running/1 block walking.  And for the first time, I can see the wisdom of my doctor urging me to start slowly.  I no longer have twinges in my foot during or after the runs, and I’m feeling stronger on the road.

I grabbed an older iPod, one of my hard running standbys, and Tom Petty Running Down A Dream came on…I had just dropped the kids off to school, so there was no risk of embarrassing them as I ran by their peers.  Today’s run was 3 miles, followed by 2 more this week of 3.5 and 4 this weekend.

There was nothing really special about this run.  Down by the gym, overpass, catwalk.  Same run.  Same route.  Except for one thing.  That endorphin thing we chase?  Nailed it.  Floated and ran and floated and ran.  If you could have peered into my brain, you would have thought I was winning some kind of race.  That’s how good it felt.

And, in many ways, I was winning.  Slinging off old ideas, embracing today, acknowledging what is in every department of my life.  Same thing I always get when I let the road take me where it will.  And, it did.

Happy  Hour.  Yes.

2 thoughts on “sunrise running.

  1. I snorted when I read the title in my email reader: “laces up”
    I was trying to watch “I Am” w/my boy, but he was too easily distracted by the fact that it was a documentary by Thomas Shadyac, the director of “Ace Ventura” & other comedies…
    Z immediately searched out our DVD of Ace to watch instead: Laces OUT! Die, Marino!!!
    Comedy is almost as good as running for stimulating those endorphins 😉

  2. LOL Val. I called it that originally, but it wasn’t working as I got to the end 🙂

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