I have this beautiful friend.

I knew her for many years on Twitter…We talked every morning, and all throughout the day.  She held my hand when things got ugly with the ex husband.  She talked me through letting go of the angst of that relationship.

And then something happened that would forever change the course of our friendship.  In my holier than thou state, I left our friendship.  I’m not willing to share the details here for two reasons:  One, I love her, and would never do that.  And Two:  Well, I ended up walking down a similar path…

I started trying to reconnect with her about a year ago.  Short one liners.  No more Twitter, no more Facebook, we weren’t texting or calling or anything.  I knew that I would have to have a demonstration of integrity in our friendship in order for her to re-connect with me.  And, little by little, the one liners became sentences, and soon we were having a smallish reconnection.

Truth was, I missed her madly.  We played music with each other 3 states away, we called each other during our marathon journeys, and I knew as much about her family as she did mine.

However, we had never met.  Until last week.

And the reason I am having difficulty talking about it, is because I am so in awe of this person…and the fact that again THIS Summer when I was down for the count, and had no one to lean on…THIS girl was the one who started again sending me positive, motivational, get-up-off-your-ass types of messages.  This was the girl who helped me see the good in me, when all I could see was how much I screwed up.  Again.

I met her at Niketown in San Francisco when she was coming in for a week long conference.  I was standing there taking pictures and she says in her southern accent:  “Would y’all stop lookin’ like a tourist?”  And there she was.  This beautiful, smart, amazing old friend of mine.

And we went to dinner, and to Chinatown, and to the Top of the Mark.  And we ate and talked and it suddenly felt like 2009 all over.  We had some patching up to do.  And it was evident to me that this woman…  This woman was the same woman, but different.  So, I left her that night on the BART, and all the way home, I just couldn’t believe that I had never met her until that night.

We took pictures.  Lots of pictures.  But, not of each other.  We took pictures of the city, Chinatown, sunsets, food.  We never once got a picture together.  But let me tell you.  She?  She is real.

And it got me to thinking of all the people that I’ve met on Social Media over the years.  And how out of 800 followers on Twitter, and 300 friends on Facebook…the ones that I’ve met in person, and kept?  Very few.  And even when I would go to bed thinking of what race someone was running in Illinois, and got up wondering what my friend in New Jersey was doing, it never has satisfied me as meeting and connecting in person.

Sometimes these things…if you’re lucky?  They work out.  And this proves that when something starts feeling bumpy on the track, you actually need to stop the ride and get out the interfering jam.  You can’t just stay on, hoping it will go away.  Because, it doesn’t.  It will always be there until you and the other person become willing to fix the ride together.

And this.  This was the lesson, and continues to be.

Happy Sunday everyone.


3 thoughts on “old friendships new again.

  1. That’s wonderful Linda, I’m so glad you both were able to reunite. GOOD friends [ in person ] are SO hard to find, and your right friending isn’t the same as having a friend.


  2. That is a gorgeous story. I sometimes joke as if my blogging world friend were my imaginary friends. I feel as though they are friends because they play such a big part in my life, but I have never actually meet any of them in person.
    You’re picture is perfect. I teach and my 3rd graders had a math problem on Friday about a Maneki Neko bank. I wasn’t sure what that was so we all Googled it and it is the exact Chinese beckoning cat that is in your picture. What a funny coincidence.

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