Last Saturday, I ran 5 miles.  Ran/Walked my 3/1 recovery run.

It was the most amazing run.  Fun and exhilarating.

Reclaiming the other side of the tracks, so to speak.

Sunday I woke with a bruise on the top of my foot.

Right over the exact spot of my Summer injury.

I’m resting the foot, just lifting weights.

And several times a day, I’m looking at the thing…like

“Is this real?  Am I imagining things”

I ask my friends…does this look like a bruise to you?  Does it?

I have my doctor’s appointment in 10 days.  I plan on taking it easy.

Because now.  This just got real.  And you, if you’re planning on starting a run program?

Then.  This picture is for you.

2 thoughts on “panic at the disco.

  1. I actually added a running coach album to my treadmill run the other day. Linda I went from only running 2 miles to 4 miles & I ran for 55 minutes, a new personal best for me. It felt awesome. The air quality here is horrible so I don’t know that I’ll take this outside here, but I think I understand your love of the run and the challenge you give yourself on the hills


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