I saw this picture this morning at my gym, and I started laughing.  Typical sign…that people ignore.

I’ve started a new lifting routine, along with 60 minutes cardio on the off days, and CORE everyday.  And I remember when I starting weights for the first time, as a new Mom of my last son, and I had to follow the plan.  Every day.  If it said I was to rest on Sunday, I rested.  I never veered from the program, but it sort of made me crazy.  Because, what if I didn’t want to run on Tuesday, but wanted to rest?  I would berate myself, and slide back into the same cycle of binging, beating up on myself, then sheepishly starting again.  The following Monday.

Maybe it’s being a parent, or just getting older, but all that has changed.

When I have a question for God, I shake the 8 Ball.  I swear, I do…and, I act accordingly.  I’ve held this house together when everyone else said I should move, and you’re going to lose it, and oh-my-god-what-will-you-do?  I raised 2 teenagers in this town of 8% divorce rate, and have told the truth to anyone who asked.  I fall in love on day 3, or I take a year and a half.  I tell the truth on every single damned interview, because I simply will not go back to lying, or playing the game just so that you will approve of me.  I Facebook too much, or not at all.  I’m clearly obsessed with music playlists, and sometimes sing in the gym, even though I know that’s not very cool.

The only real rules I have are that on Fridays, I wash and change the sheets and towels.  I always answer the phone when it’s my Mother, because someday I will ache for her voice in my ear, and she won’t be there.  My kids’ rooms have to be presentable enough to keep the doors opened.  Caps go on toothpaste, and French Roast coffee is the only thing we have in the coffee pot.

But.  Other than that?  In lessons of love and running and prayer and life?

There are simply.  No Rules.

4 thoughts on “There Are No Rules.

  1. I love it Linda, to be in that place in life where we can shake the 8 ball and go with it is truly a blessing. 🙂

  2. Now more guilt is piled in MY corner (I need to instigate some sort of organized lifting routine)… But at least I’m back in the habit of doing SOMETHING, virtually every day.
    Where is my 8Ball?!?

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