As a sort of pre-race race report, because there will probably no report, I am coming back to the blog to report a 5k.  It’s my first race back from the summer of the cast and boot, and the first 5K I’ve run since July 2011.

So as not to get too excited, let’s not be looking for a PR.  I might…might…beat my PW of 36:45 (11:45 pace), but I will come nowhere close to the 29:31 PR I nailed at the Burbank Turkey Trot in November of 2010.  In fact, the only reason I entered this race was because I need to toe the line.  Over the last year, I’ve watched all my friends diversity.  Become swimmers and bikers, and yeah.  I just don’t want to do that.

I want to run.  Period.

I found this race for Pink October race in Lodi, about 30 minutes from me.  I downloaded and printed the form, because I’m all about avoiding, with their $3 fees for every race.  I have my money.  And, I’m going because I need some inspiration to run the whole way, to step it up, and who better to be around than survivors.  Seriously, the energy is simply amazing.

I don’t need a shirt, or a race bag, or even the Pink Pancake breakfast.  I just need to be there at the ungodly hour of 7am on a Saturday (yes, ungodly is a relative term if you don’t work)…to feel the cool grass and watch the sun rise with everyone els.

The last time I raced was the Diva Race in May.  We were in feathers and boas.  And Pink.  So, it’s only appropriate that I am coming back to the Pink October race tomorrow.

Yes.  I will be in Pink.  And, I will taking my stress fractured foot out for a spin.  Recovery racing commences.  Thanks for your support!


3 thoughts on “a simple 5k, 5 months later.

  1. Your awesome Linda! I’m cheering you on…. Hugs! xoxo


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