So, I’m pretty lucky that I get to see this every other day. A long time ago (and I wish I had that picture), I was as big as a house…It was 2000, and I had a 1 and a 3 year old. I started doing Body For Life, a 12 week program of fitness. Each Sunday we would barbecue chicken breasts, and our house was filled with apples. I drank gallons of EAS products in hoping to win the prize.

And I started a weight lifting regimen, that is very close to what I do today. It’s been 12 years, and I have done this on and off. Not the challenge, but a real commitment to weight lifting. I’ve been lifting this past month every other day, and I sort of have these little pork chop muscle looking things that drape over my shoulders. My Harley Guy says they are called deltoids. I also have less skin where my triceps are.

Today’s gratitude is for the very inexpensive, $25 a month gym fee that has been the same since 2000. I’m aware most days of how lucky I am to have so much. And today. Weights.


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