20121105-151632.jpgI have these two amazing teenager people living in my house.  They are the boys that rock my world.  They are the reasons that I even know what true love is.  A mother’s love can’t be compared to anything else.

And, these two papers have been on my fridge since, well, since they gave them to me.  I may clean off the pics and report cards and graded papers, but these two stay.  I think they were given to me in their respective 4th grades.  I’m grateful for my boys, but I’m also blessed to have these tangible reminders of something that they made for me.

I have weirdly shaped ceramic bowls, and a ring holder made out of colored clay.  But these two items…The top one was given to me by my oldest, and I think it might have been the year that he learned cursive handwriting.  The bottom one was a gift that my youngest made in computer class, when the teacher asked him to write words that describe his Mom.

As I go in and out of my kitchen, I see these every day.  The days when I lose it or freak out about something, or discipline or cook and clean…these papers are  right in front of me.  Always there to remind me that I am the luckiest woman in the world.


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