20121106-151018.jpgAll morning, I knew…just KNEW my gratitude post would be about today’s election.  I get so insanely excited on this day, because it’s the day that you know you really matter in this country.  That your vote is every bit as important, as, say…Bruce Springsteen’s.

I ran 4 miles.  .37 miles to my precinct, where I saw that Roseanne Barr was on the Presidential ballot, and I laughed my head off.  I snapped a picture with the woman who gave me my sticker, then ran another 1.7 miles to Starbucks to pick up my Indivisible Bracelet.   You get one just for voting.  Imagine that!

As I ran home, I became incredibly grateful.  Because in this country, you get to live how you want.  Make decisions.  I looked at the section of the road where there was some neglect, and I thought, well.  We can have that if we want to.  I ran up to the local candidates’ posters, and couldn’t help but snapping one more picture.

I turned on Spotify to a patriotic themed set of tracks, and started running to the Star Spangled Banner, and then to the military anthems.

Lucky to live here.  Grateful for my country, and the ability to participate in the day.


One thought on “30 Days Of Gratitude-The Photog Edition Day 6

  1. You rock, and I love the way you describe how it feels. The patriotism and freedom.


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