Since I got the go ahead to run, I’ve been planning a full marathon.  Back in the saddle, on the horse so to speak.  And I’ve been running here and there…had a 5K, ran some more.  But, the thought of a full marathon again so soon after the summer of the boot/cast has been a little more daunting, both emotionally and mentally.

I had planned out my speech to the doctor next week, in which I would give him all the reasons I can do the 26.2.   As I was thinking of this conversation, I noticed sort of a lull in my brain.  Like, I really didn’t want to do one.

So.  Here’s the deal.  I’m going to try and PR a half this Spring, and possibly do the Fresno Eye Q Marathon next November.  I have time to spare.  I think it’s a much better plan for me because it de-stresses the marathon comeback a bit.  Plus, there is nothing so scary as hearing a doctor say you can NEVER run again, and if I injure the foot again, that’s exactly what I would be looking at, in terms of continued training.

It’s 18 weeks until the Modesto Half Marathon.  Gotta stay local and cheap.  And I’m hoping that a smaller goal will help me rediscover my marathon love!  Stay tuned!


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