I’m really in the Christmas Spirit this year, and it’s only December 1st.  This weekend, Harley Guy and I got my tree, a stellar, magnificent thing for $20 at Savemart.  Seriously, it’s the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen.

I also have two small trees that I decorate every year.  The first year that I was separated, my two girlfriends came over and decorated my house, and we bought two smaller trees.  Every ornament I took out of the box slayed me with grief, so I really needed help.

This year, the boys took everything out, and decorated the tree by themselves.  I was left with the two trees, and no ornaments.

I got on my clothes to run, and sadly, went to My Plate for a big dose of reality.  I have gained some real poundage since the Summer of the Cast.  Not as heavy as I was last year, but inching closer.  I ran three miles, and thought about where I would find some motivation.

A friend of mine always makes a marathon tree.  And last week on Twitter, I saw her mention it…so, I started crafting the idea to decorate one of my small trees with medals from the 13.1 & 26.2 races that I’d done since 2009.

And.  You know what?  It worked.

I started out by just putting on the marathon medals.  Then, I got the 13.1 medals on, and I started envisioning every race.  Every PR.  Every bonk.  And, even though I’m on my 54th Christmas on this planet, I decided that I would put this by my bed…to motivate and inspire me not only for the coming year or the coming month, but every day.

As I put each token on the tree, I realized that every one of these races has shaped me into the woman I am today.  From the girl crying over her divorce on the top of the catwalk, to the run right after I met Harley Guy, to the Mom showcasing her first marathon to her boys, to all the little feats of strength or insanity…each medal MEANS something.  I laughed as I put on the Half Marathon of Death medal (my first half, in which I threw my shoes across the field as I finished).  I beamed remembering the 13.1 PR of 2:24 in Davis.

And, as I finished the tree, I felt…motivated and pleased.  Proud of my work, I started snapping pictures, and felt real joy.  We are SO lucky to run!!   Happy Christmas season to all of you, my readers, and if you’re looking for me, I’m right here, crafting out the next big season of running.  Cheers to December!

photo (2)

8 thoughts on “Marathons & Motivation

  1. Love this! And meeting you at Marine Corps Marathon was a real highlight for me. You are awesome, Linda.

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