With 2013 fast approaching, bloggers start nailing down New Years goals.

I have some loose goals for now. (So much changes…I was supposed to be ruling the full Tucson Marathon with Ali this weekend)

1. Run 3x a week in December
2. Lift weights every other day.
3. Lose the rest if the cast weight.
4. Start training for Modesto 13.1 (12-30)
5. Set my sights on Fresno Eye-Q marathon (best breakfast and Schwag on the planet)
6. PR in just one race.

I don’t make New Years goals as a runner. There are so many factors in life they can sometimes derail the train.

So for now. Loose.

I like it that way.


2 thoughts on “Loose Goals

  1. Good goals, I hadn’t thought about the fact that this year is ending so soon!! Hmmm what do I wish to do with this new year. Crazy they fly by so fast!


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