tumblr_lyfsyoKdZs1r7il5qo1_500The familiar places of a runner:  The burn in your lungs when you attack a hill, the sheer exhaustion at the end of your last speedwork sprint, the calves that need rubbing later on in the day.  These are the things that I chase, and even though I am nowhere near where I was when I was training for my first marathon, I still embrace the pains and exhaustion, and actually enjoy them in a sick way.

Today, I ran 4 miles, 2 @ a tempo, fast pace.  A pace I easily could have sliced off a year or two ago, and today found myself working VERY hard to complete the task.  Enough about the stress fracture already.  I have babied the foot, and taken good care of myself.  I have lost some weight, and am within that 10 pounds again of my last race day, though I have decided to get near 20 off of me by the time I toe the line in March.

This starts week 4, and the thing that I love about runners the best, is that all of you…you know the thrill of feeling this tired.  And so.  You simply understand why I keep up this silly sport.

Week 4 of 12…and here we go.

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