204112158655519431_4d13e7b45a1eThere’s something about being halfway through a training plan that always gives me sort of a start.  Like, how did I do this already, and how is there that much more to go?  Today starts week 6 of Modesto Half Marathon 12 week training plan, which means, of course, that not only am I getting ready to toe the line again, but that I am recovered.  Past tense.  No more silly #stressfracture hashtags.  That’s it.  I’m recovered.

This time, I have taken it slowly, but have incorporated a mean weight training program.  I have a tricep, and also a little pork chop looking muscle that drapes over my shoulders (excuse me, I’m a runner, not a weight lifter).  I now understand why body builders look in the mirror when they lift.  There is an excitement to see something you’ve actually built, and curiosity in watching the muscles course under my skin as they work.  I incorporate Core exercises, and have now successfully hung 15 long seconds in my quest to do one pull up by December 13, 2013.  I do squats.  I am working my whole body.

But my legs.  They are the sticks that will get me to the end.  And, even though I feel twinges of last year’s foot , I simply keep running, nailing all my times and distances.  It’s lovely really, because at the end of the day, I know that I’m taking my body to the best place it can be.

This weekend, I will do my first 5K in this training plan, running a little 3.1 miler in Fresno.  I don’t really care about distances, I care about that surge of energy when you lay out your gear the night before, lace up at 5am, slam down pre-run nutrition, pin on the bib.  That feeling of watching everyone else wait with me until the whistle blows, until I can blissfully fall into my own rhythm of the race.

Halfway there.  I’m loving this training cycle.

2 thoughts on “A goal properly set is halfway reached.

  1. Nice to see you still training and doing well. I’m re-married and live on Long Island now. I was one of the two Eastport,Maine runners you used to follow. I’m on dailymile.com these days rather than sonriserunning.blogspot.com. God Bless you and good luck in injury free training.

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