f1dc2cad6b36e8f3277d9e224ea19561I ran a 5K last week.  I didn’t even have a race report, because I went to bed that day.  And slept.  In the days before the race, I lifted (without gloves) in the gym…(I’m sure this is where I got the virus)…and then swam at 6am in the gym pool the day before the race.  Sunday came, and I didn’t even get online.  Since coming home Monday, I’ve hacked up a lung (nice visual), and am still sick.

I’m on an inhaler, antibiotics, cough drops, aspirin, Mucinex (had to stop that due to a weird rash), and water. And, I’ve been there for 8 days.

No running, no gym.  In the old days, I would have sucked it up, laced up, and got out there.  Then look for sympathy for something I did to myself that was so stupid…

Today, I head to the gym, for some light walking on the treadmill, try to lift a few weights.  But.  If it doesn’t work out, I can’t beat myself up with my old runners’ head.  This time, I’m smart.  And, I know that I will feel better at some point.

In the middle of a training program, some drama must certainly fall.  Whether it’s being sick, or some life changing event, we simply must deal with it the best way we can.  So I write the letter S (for sick, not rest) on my plan…for 8 days.  To signify that sometimes, life hands you the cards and your little plans take a back seat.

I hate when that happens.


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