jeff-race-sign-257x300I’m a marathon snob.  Have I written about this?  I’m not even a good runner.  I just love to train for a full marathon.  Having done 5 of them (so far), I just love wrapping my head around a good training plan, and having my running agenda set out for me week after week.

So, after last year’s stupid stress fracture, I’ve spent a year of cobbling together random races and some lifting.  I had a half marathon that I completed in March, and I loved training for it.  But come race day, well.  I just don’t have respect for the Half Marathon.  It’s like, oh, it’s only 13.1 miles.  Sort of a long run in a marathon plan.  And, so I ignore the real aspect of nailing that distance.  Anyone who’s trained for a full knows that when you’re about halfway through, a 13 mile run is a short run.  It’s a breeze.

About 6 weeks ago, I once again started jonesing for a race.  Any race.  I found a training plan, and counted 12 weeks forward from that day, and signed up for the Salinas Half Marathon.  My friend at work wanted to train, so we are doing Folsom in October.  And my dear friend Penny tweeted me to come to the San Francisco Marathon, which I’m doing this weekend.  I’m running the 2nd half with her, because on my plan, Sunday is a 12 miler.  I can do one more.

I stopped thinking of a Half Marathon as less than, well, a Full.  It is less than, it’s obviously Half.  But.  The training?  These last 5 weeks?  Other than missing a few runs, it’s been mostly 100% in attitude.  I’ve lost weight as usual, but I’m loving these runs.  4am is my new favorite time of the day, and I can’t wait until Sunday to see if I can squeeze out a little post injury PR.

Happy Weekend!


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