I’m really better with a plan.

12 Weeks to another PR I hope.

I bought and paid for 2 races, both of which I bailed on due to time constraints and bad planning. I bought a bib for Folsom Half in October, because my friend wanted to train too. So, we picked a time frame and race, and plugged in the numbers. As happens so many times, someone gets injured (he did), or life gets in the way. For the Santa Cruz half, I just wasn’t in the mood. For the Salinas Half, I had done such an amazing job at the SF Half, I just didn’t want to race again, but just luxuriate in my post-injury PR.

That’s why the photo is blurry. I’m committed, but, you know, stuff happens.

Well. Tomorrow, this plan starts again. Of all the many race training plans, this one is my favorite.  I loved it when I trained for SF Half.  As most of us know though, we love ANYTHING that gives us results. And this one did me.

I can’t wait. And, by the way. I love that it starts with a rest day.

Happy Sunday!


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