One of the joys of running.  Of being an old runner.

Is showing someone the ropes.

Is watching as the excitement grows into something real.

That you can go from the couch.

To week 3 of a plan when you feel great then you feel bad.

Watching my friend starting to get this.  To really get this.

And this week, I was kinda…meh…on the whole running thing.

Then I remembered I signed up and promised her

that I would run a 5K with her if she did the 9 weeks

If she trained.

And on Thursday, when I was sort of not in the mood.

I got up at 5am and put on my shoes, just like I had told her.

And I ran.  And snapped pictures of the sunrise.

And remembered.  What it’s like the first time you feel

like you can breathe



And just like that, my attitude changed.

Loving this life.  Truly so blessed.

And I get to watch my friend train for her first 5K.

And I get to train for my life.  Again.

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