ffd4f7b4962c0b5cc70760ea3accf199Number 9.

In July, I gave up the long 7 mile runs every morning because I just can’t get to work at 7, and get up at 4 on a regular basis.  Okay, let me change that from can’t, to won’t.  I won’t do that.  Because, everything suffers.  I’m exhausted.  So.  I decided I would do Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon plan.  And.  It bored me to tears.

And I got right up to the last day of August, talked with Jami about Folsom, which again I would be running partnerless, just like Salinas…and I just decided no.  But, there was something else.

I don’t talk about womanly stuff with anyone.  Not my boyfriend, my sisters, my friends.  That stuff is all me.  However, there comes a time in a woman’s life when you aren’t having kids anymore, and you sort of go through this…change.  And I have been through some interesting life changes in the last month.  So.

I really want to run a half marathon in the abstract.  But, my training.  All over the board again.

Long range plan is the LAMarathon 2014.  But until then, I run and race smallish races.

August.  Was just meh.


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