There is no plan.  Just run.  And have fun.

I had planned to blog long time tonight.  And I sat down to write, and I thought.  About what?  About the races I paid for but didn’t run?  About the Half Marathon I am not running?  And I thought.  I have nothing to write about.   I dabbled on the blog.  Cleaned up some of the pages.  Changed my ME page.  (I hadn’t changed it for 3 years!)

I thought about blogging about dating, because things are sort of…heating up around here, and it’s making me crazy.  I want to date.  I do.  In the abstract.  Then I am ready to go, and my feet are in cement, and I clearly would rather be eating stuffed pizza at midnight.  Or donuts.  Yeah, donuts.

So, what’s really happening is that I’m running.  Without a plan.  5 milers every other day or so, or less, or swim workouts, or lifting weights.  But, I’m running.  I have one race this month:  A 5K with a woman who I’m training.  But, pretty much, that’s it for me toeing the line.

So tomorrow morning, I will lace up and get out there.   Without a plan.  I will watch the sun rise, and run over the top of my town, and go to the best job on the planet.  And I will go to my kids’ games, and swim and watch Summer fade into Fall once again in the house that will not be lost.

My plan is no plan.  Which might be the best plan of all.


One thought on “September Without A Plan.

  1. WOW yea I have felt much the same way with my workouts. And sadly my blog… sometimes living in the now without looking forward or back is just what the heart needs

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