So I left work and did something I was a little nervous to do.  Something I was and am absolutely ready for.  And I met a new friend at a coffee shop that was not a Starbucks and it was a leap into the unknown.  Very fun.  And ready for more.

I knew when I got home that I was running tonight, but I thought it was 3.  Maybe 4.  And I told someone that I was just running until I ran the scare out of me.  Because this is new stuff we’re talking about here.  Healthy & productive & fun.  And ZERO drama, thank the Lord.

I started running.  2 minutes faster per first mile than normal.  And I ran the second mile just as fast.  And I didn’t realize it until almost 2 miles done that I was absolutely running the fear out of my body.  By the time I got to our Starbucks, I started to feel calm.  And strong.  I heard Bad Moon Rising.  I was getting texts from friends.  And I kept running.

And it was one of those rare nights where I just felt like I could run forever.

I stopped at 6.17 miles.  It was time to go home.  And I was tired.  Tired and spent.

But the anxiety?  Gone.  Yeah, running is and has always been my drug.

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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