IMG_0038i have my suitcase out, and the only thing i’ve packed is my race gear.

i’m so excited and nervous for this weekend, but not because of running.

because of the baton i’m passing.  to another runner.

this is a picture of my first 5k in january of 08.  with my running partner.

we trained for 9 weeks, and  drove far far away

for any 5k that fit into our schedule.

it was a trail 5k, and we smoked it.  and i became a runner that day.

hundreds of races later, i get to train to completion

someone who fought obstacles every step of the way.

8537 facebook messages later.  she is ready.  and i am ready.

tomorrow we run the pony express 5k.

far far away from fresno.

i have to get my list out, because it’s not my race.  but i need my list.

old habits die hard.

and i’m just as keyed up as my very first race.

excited.  nervous.  thrilled.

but for seconds and inches, i could have missed it all.

seconds and inches, baby.

let race weekend begin.

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