So.  Tonight was my first 3 miler on the plan set up for me by Ron…you’re gonna get tired of hearing how much I appreciate him, because you know, he just wrote this plan for me.  He didn’t have to.  I asked him because of his amazing IronMan skills, and he just cranked this out, and mailed it to me. Told me he would just cheer me on, and we would connect after my long runs.

Tonight, I had exactly 30 minutes to come home from work, throw something in the oven for my son’s soccer banquet, run 3 miles, get re-dressed and go to the banquet.  And so I did that.

And it started to rain.  It was as if the weatherman was reminding me that I ran the LA Monsoon Marathon, and I should actually maybe remember that.  It was sort of perfect, and I kinda laughed a little at the first rain drops.  But the run was great, and even though I always feel a little overwhelmed about a plan, and what am I running next week, etc., I just sort of sunk into those moments that runners know.  When your heart and lungs and feet are all in sync, and there’s good music on the playlist.

I came home.  Picked up a pen.  Wrote in this journal.  About the run, the weather, the music.  As much as a social media maven and a data driven runner I am, I still like to write.  To feel my pen sink into a pile of paper and make that smooth, rich cursive I love, is a joy.

So we start.  Marathon Training begins.  Number 6 on the horizon, but a long 16 weeks away.  For now, I will enjoy the smallish miles of this week.  Happy Tuesday. 20131119-200005.jpg

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