47 miles. I have run 47 miles in November. Sadly, the last two weeks have been the first two weeks in marathon training. So in my “base building”, I maybe ran once a week. Because, it’s all I really wanted to do.

I kind of feel like a slacker. I was at my family over Thanksgiving, and my dad said, “I can think of so many better things to do with your time than to for a marathon. And then you think about that …because really, how much time are we talking about?

I have a schedule where I train three days a week with short runs and one long run on the weekend. There’s not much more that I really do.

So, maybe that’s what it’s about. It’s all emotional and mental time that you train for marathons. Thinking about races, reading about races, buying stuff, texting my coach-who said he’s not really a coach but a cheerleader who has really turned into a coach already, talking with friends, encouraging other runners. Running…it’s not even really about running sometimes.

So I limp into December with a measly 47 miles. Week 2 ends tomorrow with an 8 mile run when I get home. Kinda lame, but I’ll take it.

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