Seven years ago, I was a newly divorced, life-falling-apart PE teacher in a Middle School.  Trying to figure out how to get my students to be more active.  I came across the C25K running plan, and for 9 weeks, I had 7th and 8th graders running around the gym.  Over and over again.  I didn’t know anything, was just armed with my credential and a plan that I found on the internet.  My class ran a 5K to the pumping sounds of U and UR hand, and a runner was born.  That Fall, I started running on my own.

That month, I started a blog, and without fail, I’ve posted something every year on March 21, the inception of this blog.  Though yesterday, I just.  Didn’t.

In 2007, blogs were very new and radical.  It was a year before Twitter was born, and Facebook was something that didn’t register for me.  I loved to write, and I taught kids how to engage by making their own blogs.  So cutting edge.  Think of all that’s changed in just seven years.  We tweet and make status updates.  Lengthy emails feel like homework, and blogs, simply may have just run their course, because we simply can’t pay attention to that much verbage.

So, this blog is 7 years old.

Here are the stats:  4200 miles run.  6 marathons.  Ran my first marathon at age 50, and my last at 55.  Fell in love with someone I’m sure that I will never stop loving. Dusted myself off, and dated again.  Lost and saved this house three times.  Have spent hours at teenager’s sports events.  Traveled to see my parents once a month in the last year.  Found the job of my dreams out of a pile of ashes.  And those are just the highlights.

Just as I was typing this, and not sure what I should say, I happened to look up at this collection of pictures on my wall.  And I realized something.  Yes, the blog is 7 years old, and there they are…all the people that have made up the fabric of my life. I’ve become a runner and coach.  A mom to teenagers and a great employee.  And here’s the thing.  Even as I look at that collection, there are spaces where there is nothing.  Because there is room for more.

More love, more friendships, more life.  I have more books than I could ever read.  I have more music than I could ever possibly listen to in my whole lifetime.  I have food in my cupboards that could sustain me for months.  I have the love of my LA Family, and now facing moving from Ripon for the first time in 20 years, I realize that I do indeed have a group of fabulous friends here.  The empty spaces in this collection of pictures are just waiting for more.  Of everything.  I don’t always feel blessed. In fact, I can be a little negative.  But, tonight, my life is rich, and I thank you for being in it.

In the words of Ferris Bueller:


One thought on “7 Years And Room For More.

  1. Oh I love this MsV. Thank you for continuing to write in the era when words may seem to mean less to some. Big hugs from across the miles.

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