My first marathon is still my PR.  A few minutes under 6 hours.

I was 50 years old.  I had no idea I was old.

I do now.

Five marathons later, lots of feet trouble, and a gazillion bibs, this race comes along.

A 5K by the University of the Pacific, over the Calaveras River, and back to the aquatic  center.

Gravel, grass, mud, water, hay bales.  Sort of a mish-mash of several types of outdoor fun.

It’s been a weird March.  It started off with a great 10K in Sanger,

then the walk/run/die LA Marathon.

My doctor, the running doctor did an MRI, and proclaimed me runnable.

He told me to wait two weeks.

Which would be tomorrow.

So, naturally I signed up for the closest race to tomorrow.

Here’s the deal:  I loathe trail races.

I’m not that good of a runner on road, I thought.

But, that’s not it.  I truly love the road.

The familiarity.  The consistency.

Trail running is a lot of “what’s up here now?” kind of thinking,

Whereas I can lost in the road.  And I like it that way.

3.1 Miles on grass, trails and a few funnish obstacles.

Single file.

And, all I could think about was landing my feet in the right place

so that I wouldn’t twist my ankle or hurt myself.  Again.

It was super fun, because I shared it with two of my best friends.

We laughed.  I jumped in the last pool of water, because, well there was pride on the line.

And this.  I’m in the game.  I’m older.  I’m slower. And, I don’t care.

I’m running, and my feet were saved from the chopping block once again.

I came in 6th out of 8th in my age group, and I was thrilled.

I needed to toe the line today, no matter where or how.

Age?  It’s nothing but a number.  However, it’s a reality.

I can’t sit down without a lot of help in getting back up.

I’ll be on ice and heat the rest of the day for just a 5k.

It’s a number, but it’s MY number.  55.  And, I couldn’t be happier.

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