I used to be known as Last Minute Linda. That moniker came in handy this week.

Wednesday, my house foreclosed, Thursday a house went on Craigslist, and 4 hours later I went on Craigslist for the first time. By 4 that day, I had an application in for this home. It was a 5 day process. The owners of the property management company met. My HR people sent a letter stating I was not a criminal. By Friday, I had keys. It’s now Sunday, and there are 11 boxes left of a 20 year life.

I’ve been moving and packing for three days. My parents were here for my son’s graduation, and they stayed and did a ton of work.

On my last visit to my old house tonight, just as I was leaving, I saw an old bathing suit. Pre-children. I locked up the house, and walked to the diving board. I jumped and let the water soothe me. Hours upon hours spent in the spa that now stands low and cold.

I cried. A different cry from last week, or even Friday, when I wailed and was alternately numb. Saturday I cried. Today once or twice and definitely when I saw the measurements of my sons’ heights. And I got out of the pool and wept. Simply wept.

In many ways the guy who bought the house and served me with a 3 day notice did me a favor. From beginning to end, this process to a new life took 5 days. My Instagram photos are on this blog. To the right. So many miracles to get to this point.

A lovely home in a darling neighborhood. Hard wood floors. Built in 1951. And the trees. They are majestic. I can’t find my running shoes, but I’m about to start mapping out new trails. New life.

Thank you to my college roommate who drove 2 hours with her husband to hang pictures. To my friend who brought boxes. To the people who welcomed us into the neighborhood. I love it here. My mother and father.

And now. Sleep. Because there is just one more run back to that town. To that house. Back to my old life.

One thought on “And A New Life Begins

  1. Sounds like you got the band aid ripped off and the healing can begin. Much love and I can’t wait to hear about new trails to burn.

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