It’s the end of June, and not one blog post.  I’m sort of OVER blogging.  It’s long.  It’s windy.  My writing often goes places that it was never intended to go.  (Note here:  I start this blog with the title “Has It Really Been A Month?”, and I’m certain there will be another thought to replace it.)

The last time I blogged, the Dodgers were 5.5 Games Back of the Giants.  At this very moment, 1.5.

I moved.  I lost the clip to my Garmin, and my running has been spotty.

I joined a Yoga Loft.  I love it, but I’m bored with it.  I bought a Groupon for $54 thinking I would go all month.  I’ve gone 3 times.

I joined a gym near my new house.  It’s all purple and yellow, and you get in trouble if the weights make any sound at all.  I think that I set it off the first time I went.  It’s very crowded, but it’s cheap, and it works.

I work 5 miles from my house.

I found a great vet for Chet.

My kids are into their Summer schedule.  Camps.  One week with, one without me.

I ran.  A little.

Then, something so tragic and unthinkable happened in our family, and all of a sudden, my 33 year old nephew was gone.  Was it only at the beginning of this week?  Yes. Only Wednesday.

I’m not sure what to say.  Or do.

So I ran.  This morning, I laced up and ran.  To the mile 1 stop and to the beginning of the Dry Creek Trail.

And I realized what I always have known about me and running.  I think trails are super cool.  I do.  They’re all nature-ish and hip.  And pretty.  But what I love?  The pounding of my feet on asphalt.  On city streets.  On sidewalks.

And I felt it.  Alive.  Gratitude.

3 miles of pounding heart, full lungs, thankful soul.

In the face of extreme emotional pain…once again…

I.  Ran.

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