As I look around, I have more than enough. I have more books than I will ever read, and more music than I will ever listen to. I have over 20 cookbooks and can create as many different recipes out of hardly anything in my cupboard.

This morning, my gas tank is on empty, and I have $34.63 in my checking account. Not to worry, because I get paid tonight at midnight. However, I have so much more than I will ever need today. I don’t need that $34 today. This is an attitude that I’m trying to give to my children.

I don’t know if you long time blog readers remember when I was on welfare. I learned this little trick from my mother-in-law. At dinner time, I would put out bowls of things in my cupboard …a bowl of cheese nips, a bowl of raisins. I would add ice water and cloth napkins, and our table looked full and rich. A bowl of carrots, while not my children’s favorite food, was appealing to the eye. I always have flour and all the staples, so I could make biscuits. It’s one of the reasons I started baking cakes on Sunday when they came home. It’s an attitude of “we have enough,”, and “I’m so happy to see you.” Anybody can make a beautiful smelling home with a dollar cake mix.

So I was thinking about this, because last night, as I posted on Facebook, we had four hours of straight up homework …the annexation of Texas, parabolas, English vocabulary words, and a health test. My younger son had an hour of algebraic word problems, coupled with reading a new novel together. Everybody seem to be in a mini panic (including me), because there was too much to do.

My favorite quote from my dad is, “In a pond of alligators, shoot the closest one first.” The boys and I tried to assess which assignments had to be done first. My younger son was done relatively quickly, and was exhausted. My oldest son had hours of homework to do. While he studied his history and came up with seven different paragraphs on the annexation of Texas and the fugitive slave law, I read his health notes into a voice memo then texted it to him for him to listen to on the way to school today. He had two math problems that were difficult for him, and so we are trying to get help from sources that we have, which includes emailing two engineers.

See, we have an abundance. We have enough time to finish all the assignments. We have enough people that can help us when it gets tough. And we have technology at the ready that we can use to make our life easier. It’s an attitude.

In about a half an hour, I take them to the bus because we have to manage two cars today to go out of town for a soccer tournament. They will have an extra hour on the bus, one they did not think they would have. And so just when you think you’re out of time, a whole hour opens up for your convenience.

I think about this when I think about marathon training, and I used to say and I’ve heard from many people “I don’t have time.” The truth is, I’ve trained for six of them, and if you want something bad enough, you do carve out the time, even if it’s running at 4 AM while your children sleep.

There is enough of everything. Money, time, love. My job is to accept it and not struggle.


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