All of my posts seem to be starting this way.  Starting over.  Beginning again.  Comebacks.  We have a theme, here. Today, started my return to distance running.  At the gym.  Strength training was first on the docket, so off I went.  I plunked down some dollars to race the Merco Half Marathon this summer.  I thought I should get some focus.

I don’t know if I’ve found it again.  I really can’t tell, since I seem to be really good at starting over.  At running.  At love. Whatever.  I’m sensing that this is my path.  I used to be able to stick to stuff.  Back when I ran six marathons.  Back when I was married, like, forever ago.  It appears that going the long haul these days is something I need to re-learn.

And.  There are some things you should leave.  So I’ve done that.  I’ve digressed.

Back to the point.  The last time I ran long was the first part of the LA Marathon, a year ago yesterday.  Then, the move, the death, the unfamiliar neighborhood, and in a year, I’ve run 5 long.  Maybe.  I recognize that I get really excited at the beginning of a training plan.  I start to map things out, and look at sunrise and sunset schedules.  I plan my food.  And then… I just drop off.

So here I go.  I lifted weights today.  I have a plan for running this week.  I have no other plans…I’m having trouble with insomnia, for some weird reason.  I’m no longer a morning runner, as the insomnia increases when I stare down my alarm clock.

In any event.

Will see if I can go the long haul and use the bib I bought this June.  Merced?  Why not?

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