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He has his own hashtag.  He’s been brought home in a squad car.  The people who owned him before me, found that he was just too much trouble, so they simply opened the gate, and let him run away.  He was brought to a local shelter, and was secluded from the rest of the dogs, because he was just too unruly.  We were looking for a new dog, and found him on the shelter website.

He got away today when we were packing cars.  I was halfway to work when I got the call.  I called my school, turned the car around, and headed home.  I spent 3 hours driving, calling, sending out photos, putting out APBs for this dog.  I finally decided that I needed to run down to Dry Creek to look for him, as he seems to have an affinity for chasing the squirrels there.  He was found 1.5 miles from my home, and as I suspected, near the park, thanks to Facebook.

Oh, and I ran the 3 miles I was supposed to run, but they were unplanned.  I was running with a leash and flyers, and stopping to talk to every single person coming down the trail.

This is a running post, though it might not appear as such.

Chet is home.  Carry on.

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