I miss the old days of Twitter.  Back when you could put out a tweet, and a few people would engage in a lengthy, sometimes mind numbing and fun conversation.  In the early days of Twitter, we used a hashtag to see what was trending, not to over-punctuate with clever phrases.  You could tweet a hashtag, and tweeps would jump on a topic, as if to just throw in their two cents worth, and move along.  Engaging, interactive.

Early tweeters will recognize and remember this time.  Clean tweets.  Lots of laughing, real laughing.

Today, my blog is 8 years old, and Twitter is 9.  So many changes.  And, I have just one request.

Twitter, I want you back.  Like you were.  Stop inserting ads into my timeline.  Stop giving people props for having the most retweets, and hey, is that a favstar?  It’s like Twitter used to be like this really huge coffee shop of ongoing discussions, and now there are a few tables left, with companies taking up more of the space.  The #chat feature seems to have grown exponentially.  I received a document with over 100 Educational Chats.  I always love Sunday night #runchat.  When I participate in the others, I think, am I really participating, or am I just wanting my opinion to get out there.

Am I interacting, or am I collecting followers?

I left Twitter around 2011 or so.  I came back a year or so later to a very different landscape.  I have always liked an open Twitter stream, because I like to interact with the real people of companies.  Who can forget Arnold Schwarzenegger, The LA Marathon & Pete Carroll, having K-Swiss give me a great pair of recovery shoes for blogging.  I interact off an on about brands with the actual tweeters, not the company.

I met you.  All of you.  My runner community.  Many I met and ran with personally.  It was a lovely time.

All I’m sayin’ is, keep whatever you have now, but bring back the thing that made Twitter great:  raw, engaging, challenging conversations…bring it back, and I’ll be the first one in line.

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