My April Fools.  Usually, I’m calling people telling them I’m married, or engaged, or pregnant.  Or I lost my job or got another job.

I was going to give up April Fool’s Day.  Yet, the first person I saw, I told my bump was a baby.  Sadly, it’s a little bump.  Of weight. In any event, April Fool’s Day happened.

The rest of the day, I just couldn’t go there.  One year, I sent my sister a bouquet of flowers from an old boyfriend…Al Alexander, who…by the way, I loved first.  In 7th grade.  It was really funny until we realized he had passed away many years before then.  That wasn’t so funny, and was kind of weird.

It’s April 1.  In 3 days, my nephew would have been 34.  Would Have.  It’s our family’s first year without him on his birthday. And on this birthday, the Angels and the Dodgers play the Freeway Series at Dodger Stadium, the home of his beloved team. I remember him showing me his LA tattoo from shoulder to hip, and how proud he was to be a Dodgers Fan.  On Monday, the home opener against the Padres happens.  Forgive me if I am just not that excited.

This week, I came home from a spiritual retreat with so much joy in my heart.  I put up a profile picture on Twitter & Facebook that defined the joy I had all weekend…it’s definitely not a beauty/edited/selfie shot, but one of friendship and love…and it makes me happy.  By Monday afternoon, I was exhausted and blue.

I’ve run.  Just not a lot.  I have a bib for Merced, and today got into the Wharf to Wharf.  I ran 23 miles in March.

When I got to school, I was a bit lost in my exhaustive commuting haze, and a student told me I had something in my hair. I kept trying to pull it out.  He said it three times.  Finally, I realized that this 9 year old got me.  Me of the Master Prank.  So today, I guess I left the holiday to the 4th graders.

Which is sort of appropriate.  Since I just couldn’t do it.  Catch me in 2016.

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