Everyone told me–leave your phone in your room when you are on Saba.  You must disconnect completely.  No texts, photos, nothing.  I think the last time I did that, it was probably an accident, or it was 2007.

The first blog posts about this trip live here:  the back story, one day in Saba, early day 2, and more of day 2.  I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to digest this trip, but suffice it to say, it was life altering.  I can’t believe I’m still on Day 2, but I am.  After spending time with my two guides yesterday, I realized that this trip moved me moment by moment.  One of them remarked when I walked in the room, that there was no heaviness in my energy.  Wow.

I walked to the house below my cottages, to find a woman who would be my guide the rest of the week.  I finally found someone with whom to share my story, and she hers.  According the her, there were meetings on the island a long time ago, and because it’s her story, I will just say that…there are no longer meetings for a variety of reasons.  We agreed to meet up with some other fellows later in the week, and she encouraged me to go and see the Windwardside of Saba.

I walked down a very steep hill. I rest in a little hut on the side. A fellow walking up the hill sort of slows down and we exchange greetings.  He says there is no snorkeling today, so he is headed up to get water.  And he is not hiking Mt. Scenery today, but the Sandy Cruz trail, and would I like to join him.  For a moment, I am on California alert, but I recall hearing there is no crime on the island.  We head to the Trail Shop and Sea Saba, where I overhear him talking with the proprietors, and his credentials check out.  He is not an ax murderer.

We take a cab over to Hell’s Gate for the start of the trail.  It’s beautiful.  It’s lush.  I keep stopping every few minutes to just take it all in.  He is ahead of me.  He has granola and Girl Scout cookies.  Because I hadn’t planned on hiking, I actually picked up a $10 backpack in the store.  My parents had given me a gorgeous pack for the trip, and I had wished I had it.  We had several options, as listed here.  On this map, we are hiking trail number 7.


I have no phone.  He has no service.  I see two black racer snakes.  Luckily for me, I had read up on the wildlife in the area, and knew they were harmless.  All of a sudden, we are hiking toward the ocean, and not around the island, and for several minutes, we both were smallishly nervous that we had jumped the trail.  Ultimately, we found we were headed in the right direction, after orienting ourselves with a compass.  Remember, I have no phone, but he took and sent me pictures.

We finally see a car.  We get to a road.  We are high fiving as if we have just finished a marathon, which we really had.  The relief was palpable.

We head down to Queen’s Hotel to get something to drink.  He a beer, me a Diet Coke. There is a girl who is the hostess who directs us.  We ask the bartender to get us a taxi.  After several minutes, he comes back to explain that they are all at the airport, and we will have to get to Steak Night at the Swinging Doors by hitchhiking.  They say everyone does it on the island.  When in Rome…

We stick out our thumbs.