Um, that would be an 11:22 pace.

What a surprise.  We finished in 84 minutes.  Not just under 2 hours as previously thought.  In our group, we came in in the middle

Yeah.  I am definitely psyched.


I had been dreaming all night of running.  I dreamt that I had sandals on my feet, that I had to use a filthy port-a-potty, that everyone took off without me.  The same dream I have every year before school starts:  I have no classroom key, no students, etc.

Today would be the first day that I run a 12K.  Lisa, from Nebraska was here for the weekend.  We got up at *Oh-Dark-Hundred* (5am) and drove to San Francisco.  Found parking, found the shuttle bus to take us across the Golden Gate bridge to Marin.

Finally, the time was upon us.  With the countdown, we sloped downhill.  I thought.  This is so easy!  Then on the first turn, a windy road that reminded me of Hearst Castle.  Up, up, up to the top of the hill.  It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. 


When we got to the top and on the Golden Gate, PROUD came on my playlist.  It played as I watched the sea of heads in front of me, and I swear, it was the easiest run I had ever done.  I was flying, or so I thought.  I felt amazing, and with the music to guide me, took the GG bridge by storm.  I said a silent prayer for all the people who felt they needed to end their lives there.  I saw the emergency crisis counseling phone.  I said a quiet blessing.

We raced downhill, and I felt amazing.  All was well until mile 6.  I hit the wall.  It took every ounce of strength I had to finish the race.  I do have a strong kick at the end, and passed Lisa by one person.  I couldn’t help it…We had fun teasing each other about it…

I like the 5K.  12K is way too much K for me.

But, I will bet I’ll do it again…

Date: 3/16/2008 9:00 AM
Type: Race
Course: Emerald Across The Bay 12K
Distance: 7.45 miles
Duration: 1:24:49
Pace: 11:24 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: 🙂
Misc: Quality: 5/10, Effort: 7/10
Field Placement: 2111 / 2934 (71.9%)
Age group: 8 – 80
Group Placement: 86 / 153 (56.2%)
Weather: 50° F, Sunny, Windy
Event URL:
Notes: Up the hill to the Golden Gate Bridge was brutal. The bridge itself was where I found my stride, plus the mile or so afterward. When I hit mile 6 & 7, I was toast. I think I like a 5K better, but we had a great time. Lisa, from Nebraska came with me.
Statistics: Calories: 997
VO2 Max: 26.9

(Official stats on my widget to the right of the page)

It’s Bright Out Here…



Date: 3/8/2008 9:00 AM
Type: Hill
Course: Overpasses
Distance: 3.07 miles
Duration: 31:15
Pace: 10:11 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: 🙂
Weather: Sunny

Calories: 411
VO2 Max: 28.9

Temp:  50 degrees or so.  Lovely.

Kim and I did the overpasses this morning.   It’s a great run, but now the sun is directly in our eyes, as opposed to the golf course, where it would have been at our backs.

We have one rule when we run:  We never ask the other one, “Are you okay?”.  We know that the mind-trip would be on.  In other words, I would think…Why?  Don’t I look okay?  What are you saying?

I didn’t like this run today for a few reasons.  The catwalk over Highway 99, was frankly, a bitch.  It felt like I was running through mud to get to the top, then I had to scale it back a BUNCH on the way down.  Kim got ahead of me a bit, and I was fine with it after the second overpass.

The only thing that made me happy was that I lost 3 pounds today.  Other than that, I’m wondering if I will love running.  Ever. 

Oh, I really really like Allison Moorer, my song of the day.  Her voice is amazing.  That’s the bright spot on this run.

A week from Tomorrow:  The Emerald 12K in San Francisco.  My only question is, why?