Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Cruise & Jodie Foster are all 50

People like to celebrate other people’s 50th birthday

Oh.  And I ran 50 miles this week.

  • 9 on Sunday.  A beautiful, perfect tempo run, 5 seconds faster than my time.
  • 6 on Monday. 
  • 6 on Tuesday.
  • 16 hellish, horrible miles of LSD on Wednesday
  • 7 miles of resistance on Thursday
  • 2×3 milers at strength pace, MP -:10 today.  11:50 & 11:51. 
After two days of foam rolling, old school (grandma’s wooden rolling pin), my legs finally felt alive and workable today.  Tomorrow, I rest…and 5 weeks left until SLO.  **breathing**

I’m 51. Who knew?

News flash:  Ms. V is 51 years old.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:  “Hey, didn’t you like milk this totally back in February?  Why on May 17th have you suddenly revealed your age…?”

Well, it’s like this.  I train and run primarily via the social networking of Twitter and this blog.  I talk to a LOT of people during the day about running, training, injuries, etc.  And, last week, I was re-reading the LA Marathon posts from March.  I found myself crying, and reliving it AGAIN.  Enough already.  really.

I didn’t even realize what I have been subconsciously doing:  Comparing myself to the fitness levels of people generally in their 30s.  I did NOT even realize this.  Because I ran Bay to Breakers this weekend, and it was hard at first, and I was in an 11 min. mile zone, and I was starting to beat myself up.  Then came Hayes Hill, and it was long, and I didn’t have time for negative self talk.  Just needed to get over the thing.  After mile 3, it was generally downhill and gloriously misty.  I focused not on the negative, but foot turnover, and getting in more footstrikes on the ball of my foot instead of the heel.  Oh, and watching naked runners.  That was fun too.

I chatted with my coach online last week, and he said “Call me”.  We started talking about leaving the past behind, and that this training cycle I was going to have a clean slate.  Bringing nothing but experience from the past.  So, around Mile 5, I started to think…Clean Slate…Clean Slate….

I finished with about a 1:30 minute PR from the first time I did a 12K in the spring of 2008.  I thought it would be so much better.  SO MUCH.  And, while people are generally happy with a PR, I wanted a 10 MINUTE PR.  I wasn’t feeling all excited or anything, but just ever so slightly felt the running bug come back.  When I got home, I saw the results…

VERY happy with this placement.

Top 11.9% 50-59 yr olds

Top 19.4% female

Top 28.8% finishers overall

When I saw these results, I started realizing:  I’m 51.  Look at this.  Top 12%?  That means that 88% of all the people in that age group finished AFTER me.  That 80% of the women finished AFTER me.  That 71% of EVERYONE finished AFTER me. 

And, while I’m not 30, I am starting to appreciate and embrace my experience, and yes…age.

  • I am a living textbook to my students.
  • I remember watching the Man Land on the Moon in 1969.  Live.
  • I have been in my profession almost 30 years, and love that I’m not defined by it.
  • I can share motivation with my kids because I have BEEN MOTIVATED to change.
  • I know what it’s like to be married, living with, divorced.  I like not being a child.
  • I have run 2 marathons.  At age 50. 

This may not be a newsflash to any of you…but I’m 51 years old…and I am getting better every day.

must. run. now.


I hadn’t run for 11 days.  Kim and I were starting back again tonight.  She called me to say that no, she couldn’t run and had to work late, but tomorrow she could run. 

I figured I could get in the 5 miles tomorrow with her.  But tonight.  Tonight I would have to run, because tomorrow would be almost 2 weeks, and that is unacceptable in the middle of this Half Marathon training.  It’s exactly what happened while training in September.  We stopped halfway through. 

For whatever reason. 

Now, I have to do it.  I’ve paid the money for the River City Half, and I have to do it.  Plus, this would be the second time I started the training and quit it.  Just recently, my sister said, “What is it with you and not finishing books?”  I have tons of half started memoirs, fiction and self help books.  She gets a book?  She finishes it.  What a concept.

Perhaps this is my defect.  I can’t finish.  Two marriage, 28 books, 2 attempts at the Half Marathon. 

So I laced up.  I got my new shuffle *pink*…and got on the windy street.  The first 5 steps, my shins felt like they were plink plink plinking along.  I couldn’t catch my breath.  I felt out of shape….

…and then it happened.  What always happens at the start of mile 2.  I started breathing normally.  I was running.  Over the catwalk with a new song.  I didn’t even do 3 miles.  I just had to get out there.

I wonder if everyone else is this obsessed with their running?  Oh yeah, I know it’s true.  But, every day I’m out there, is a day that I’m moving.  That I’m breathing and alive.  And, I guess I’m feeling 50.  In a good way.  Like yeah.  I can do this.

So, I’m scared about the Half.  I just realized that. 
~~Carry on~~

(PS-This is so typical for our town.  The 8K this weekend?  Turns out it was a 4.8 miler.  Like last year’s 5K, a 2.7 miler.  Everyone was so excited with their time…then, not so much.  Why they can’t measure a correct route is beyond me!)

50 is so yesterday.


We went to First Crush for a fab dinner.   The food was ok.  The ambiance was wonderful.


Wicked was wicked fun.  Except for the couple behind us, who practically had the Kama Sutra mastered by the end of the evening, the theater goers were quite polite.  My favorite line?

“It’s good to see me, isn’t it? No need to answer, that was retorical.”-Glinda


This, I do not understand.  These two twins were just walking on the street.  Lisa leaned over to them to say something.


Over the catwalk today.  Took a 3 mile walk, getting ready for the big bowling party tonight.   Good luck to all the runners tomorrow!  5K at the Davis Stampede in the morning!  First one as a 50 year old.

Especially good luck to Sky, doing the Half Marathon there tomorrow!!

Lisa & I pick up Kim at 5am, but first…we bowl!!!

It’s happening.

Yeah.  Whether I like it or not, it’s happening.

I’m going to be 50 years old on Friday.  50 50 50 50.

Do you realize that it’s a half of a century?

Half of a dollar?

50 cent

50 states

50 ways to leave your lover

Here’s some things I will be doing to celebrate: 

  • Picking up Lisa at the Sacramento airport Thursday night.  What kind of a girlfriend flies in to California from Nebraska in the middle of winter?  Heh.
  • Working on Friday, eh…
  • Going to see Wicked in San Francisco Friday night.
  • Having a 50 year old Bowling Party on Saturday night, complete with iPhone cupcakes!!!
  • Running a 5K in the Davis Stampede on Sunday morning with Lisa & Kim.

Here are some things I won’t be doing to celebrate:

  • Signing up for the AARP (they keep sending me these silly cards)
  • Joining the Red Hat Society
  • Writing referrals for any student.  I mean anyone.  Even if they call me every name in the book, snort cocaine in my classroom, text and use their cell phones…I am not writing one referral.  Happy Birthday to me.
  • Join Match.com, EHarmony, or anything of the sort.

It’s happening.  I thought I was ready.  I don’t have much choice now, do I??…because the alternative is dead.  And, I’m not ready for that either.

Bring. It. On.  50, Baby.  Here I come.

Had she been exposed to any kind of inexpensive glue?


My Dad, in his efforts to try to save me some money, found some old envelopes in a chest that had been thrown away on his street.  When my sister came to visit last week, she brought them with her.

Today, I started putting the invitations for my birthday in the envelopes.

By third period, I couldn’t feel my tongue.  My fingers were tingling, and my nose was twitching.

I was remembering The Invitations.  Yeah, these invites are going out via email.  Tacky, yes.  But, at least no one will blame me for toxic envelopes.

50 years olds. listen up.

Yo.  Stop with the botox, or whatever the hell this is.  I’m just saying.  It ain’t pretty.  I’m going to be 50 in February, so let’s not ruin our whole look okay? 

I was thinking of this during Kickboxing with first period.  I told the class, this is one way to get those six pack abs.  A heavier girl, (not overweight), yelled out.  “Not me!  I want to be juicy!”  I had never heard that, but I assumed that everyone aspired to be as lean as possible.  Huh.

Today’s nuggets:

  • I gave out my writing assignment.  “F*** THIS!”
  • R. threw a book across the room, to which he got a referral.  He said “Son of a B.” under his breath.  When I went outside to give him his referral, he yells, “No, you bring it!”
  • Ms. V.  You need to relax.  You need to chill.  Why you so stressin’ on everything?
  • L. is checking his phone for texts during Yoga.  I take it from him (per the code), and the rest of the day, everytime I see him, he says, “Why you have to be like that?”
  • Oddly, my glasses are missing.  My money is on L., because in some crazy way, he’ll feel like we’re even.
  • Continuation School.  It ain’t for the faint of heart.

Then I found out:

  • K. is going to be a teen dad, but they aren’t really sure the baby is his.
  • L. wants to stay in school because his parents tell him when he graduates, they are all going back to Mexico, so it’s in his best interest to fail.
  • M. is raising herself.  Her parents are gone.  (this is the girl who tells me I’m rude)
  • T. writes to me that she is a boy in a girl’s body.

Oddly, every day is a new day.  It’s like the day before never happened. 

I was up until 1am getting home from the game where the Giants are spoiling the Rockies’ ability to advance on my Dodgers.

I’m tired.  In more ways than one.  Hey, maybe just one shot of botox?