On Facebook Birthdays.


I might be the only one. But I love birthdays on Facebook. Today I turned 55 years old, and I’m way past the point of lots of presents and parties and specialness of the day. And I know that 55 is not all that special unless you’re a runner of course and you’re going into a new age group. But, this is not about that because well, I’m sidelined for the last three weeks. With my marathon only a month away, the finish line is getting dimmer and dimmer as I continue to wait for the MRI on Tuesday.

So, Facebook. I never really wanted to be on Facebook because I loved Twitter so much. There was relative anonymity, and I could talk about and tweet whatever I wanted. On Facebook, there’s all kinds of little landmines. Will I irritate someone if I put this political post up? (Yes…) Will someone be so sick of Chet and my boys and basketball that they simply roll their eyes when I post another picture of my food next to the spa? Can you take another selfie of me in my running gear and my sunset?

I joined Facebook because I was in a relationship with somebody who was on Facebook. A lot. And this week Facebook came out with all these cute little videos of us on our timelines. And mine, well, it was really filled with my girlfriends. There was not one relationship post or anything to indicate that the angst of those last two years even existed. This thrilled me.

Because, it’s been a year. And, I can’t tell you the peace that I have on this day. Because that horrible day, I was offered a new job, and a new life.

So, back to Facebook birthdays. This year, when a notification came up that it was somebody’s birthday, I really made an effort to try to wish them happy birthday. It took less than 15 seconds out of my day. Sometimes if I really know you well, you might get a picture, or a little quote, or even maybe a gift. I got home tonight, and there were 150 messages waiting for me. (I’ve been really making an effort to stay off of Facebook during the day, because I really have little discipline. Plus, I like my job.)

I sat down tonight, and replied to every single person on my timeline, because I really want you to know that it means something to me that you even clicked on the little box next to my name and wrote happy birthday. That even though I’m 55, I still like a party and I still love the fact that I was born.

Life is messy.

This week there’s been some ups and downs some with my house. A Girlriend of mine is going to give birth hopefully before midnight, and I can say her daughter was born on my birthday. A friend’s husband beat lung cancer this year. Another friend is MIA as she attempts to face down breast cancer. Another is suffering from losing her boy. My dear friend Mona lost her sweet Albus this week. An old friend messaged me tonight that he is getting a divorce. And yet, I sat down and watched my friends videos, and I was filled with joy. Because this really is pretty damn good, this life.

And, say what you will, but I only know all of this in your life, because of Facebook. You like my kid pictures, and I like yours. (That’s the bargain). And so people say it’s just sort of an unbelievable make-believe world, but I beg to disagree. I think it’s the most real world we have. Of course, last weekend, the person that I used to love looked at something on one of my timelines, and was hurt something I said, maybe months ago. He took his friendship completely away from me. And because he didn’t bother to check out the truth, he is simply. Gone. So yeah, there’s that. If you only have social media and not real life, you can read into all kinds of things that aren’t really true.

But birthdays on Facebook. Isn’t there anything so exciting as to see a little notification that says I’m thinking about you, even if it’s only on my break as I sip coffee? I’m thinking about you.

The box of chocolates at the top of this page was given to me today by a sweet friend. I kept it sealed all day until I got home. Just as I was getting ready to turn everything off, I cracked it open, and ate my most favorite piece first. A Bordeaux. It was delicious, and the perfect ending to a great day. And I am ever so blessed.

*Update. The baby made it. She was born on my birthday. So I can hardly wait to she’s one-year-old and I can put a big picture on her Facebook page too.

** There is never too much. Never too much posting and sharing and being involved and I know I just wrote on this topic in my last post, but it’s still relevant to me.

***Happy Birthday to me. And thank you for being in my life.

Gymnotes is 3

I completely forgot this, but as I was running the LA Marathon, this little blog turned 3 years old.

From the National Network for Child Care:

The 3-year-old is full of wonder and spends a lot of time watching, observing, and imitating. Their days are filled with busy exploration of their world.

Three-year-olds are interested in perfecting motor skills, and it is common for them to spend the entire morning going down the slide or riding a favorite tricycle.

Three-year-olds have very little memory for past events and do not understand “yesterday” and “tomorrow” the way adults do. They often repeat activities or may do and undo actions such as putting a puzzle together. These sequences are important to later understandings of change and consistency.

When I started this blog, it was a way to connect kids to online journaling.  Weblogging was something I hadn’t really heard of.  Each of my PE and Health students had to do their final on the web, and it was the first time I could see the power of this place.

March 21, 2009:  I blogged about losing my house, my job.  I had not yet run a marathon, but it was the first day that I ran 9 miles, my longest.  My blog was 2 years old.

March 21, 2008: I ran 3 miles.  It was long, and my blog was 1 year old.

March 21, 2007:  My first blog post.  I entered all of my students into The Governor’s Challenge.  I was teaching PE. 

Since then, I’ve divorced, I’ve lost and gained jobs, I’ve gained friends.  My life has changed because of the blogosphere.  Here, I’m connected to many people by the touch of a button.  I turned 50.  I’ve run 2 marathons, and 5 half marathons.  I found out bad news, I’ve had good news.  And all of you who read this blog have cheered me up immeasurably.  Thank you for the words that put salve on wounds, made me laugh, gave me impetus for new ideas.  Thank you to people like this guy who still comments on my blogs, but refuses to join me over on Twitter.  Thank you to my family, who periodically reads my blog.  To my mother, who keeps saying, “honey, what’s the name of your blog again?”. 

To Twitter, I have been fueled by your spirit.  Thank you.

Here’s to 3 years olds, and unraveling the mystery that is Ms. V!

50 is so yesterday.


We went to First Crush for a fab dinner.   The food was ok.  The ambiance was wonderful.


Wicked was wicked fun.  Except for the couple behind us, who practically had the Kama Sutra mastered by the end of the evening, the theater goers were quite polite.  My favorite line?

“It’s good to see me, isn’t it? No need to answer, that was retorical.”-Glinda


This, I do not understand.  These two twins were just walking on the street.  Lisa leaned over to them to say something.


Over the catwalk today.  Took a 3 mile walk, getting ready for the big bowling party tonight.   Good luck to all the runners tomorrow!  5K at the Davis Stampede in the morning!  First one as a 50 year old.

Especially good luck to Sky, doing the Half Marathon there tomorrow!!

Lisa & I pick up Kim at 5am, but first…we bowl!!!

It’s happening.

Yeah.  Whether I like it or not, it’s happening.

I’m going to be 50 years old on Friday.  50 50 50 50.

Do you realize that it’s a half of a century?

Half of a dollar?

50 cent

50 states

50 ways to leave your lover

Here’s some things I will be doing to celebrate: 

  • Picking up Lisa at the Sacramento airport Thursday night.  What kind of a girlfriend flies in to California from Nebraska in the middle of winter?  Heh.
  • Working on Friday, eh…
  • Going to see Wicked in San Francisco Friday night.
  • Having a 50 year old Bowling Party on Saturday night, complete with iPhone cupcakes!!!
  • Running a 5K in the Davis Stampede on Sunday morning with Lisa & Kim.

Here are some things I won’t be doing to celebrate:

  • Signing up for the AARP (they keep sending me these silly cards)
  • Joining the Red Hat Society
  • Writing referrals for any student.  I mean anyone.  Even if they call me every name in the book, snort cocaine in my classroom, text and use their cell phones…I am not writing one referral.  Happy Birthday to me.
  • Join Match.com, EHarmony, or anything of the sort.

It’s happening.  I thought I was ready.  I don’t have much choice now, do I??…because the alternative is dead.  And, I’m not ready for that either.

Bring. It. On.  50, Baby.  Here I come.