Santa, I’ve Been Very Very Good

Dear Santa,

I would like to ask you for a few things for Christmas, if you could spare the time.  I’ve been very good this year.  I trained for two marathons.  I raced at least 12 races in very obscure places like French Camp and Hilmar.  I’ve supported High School track teams, and sent money to runners who were raising money.  I’ve spent lots of money on race entry fees and hotels and flights.  I’ve been really a great friend on Twitter.   I would like to ask for a few things this year for Christmas.

  • Mizunos:  I’ve purchased 3 pairs of Mizunos this year.  THREE.  Could you please ask the Mizuno people to make a shoe that doesn’t go flat immediately?  I would really appreciate it if my shoes could last for more than 250 miles.  Unfortunately, Santa, I’ve tried other shoes.  I tried a New Balance.  It didn’t work, just like the slippers I got one year from my Grandma.  Please Santa.
  • Race Fees:  Santa, I am willing to pay race fees.  The best course costs a lot, but they provided a lot.  Both LA and MCM and Fresno marathons were stock full of goodies along the way, fabulous expos, tons of drinks, excellent food.  Never ran out.  But, hey, could you talk to the RockN Roll people?  I totally spent a ton of money, and got bagels and bananas as a post race food.  Really Santa?  Not even a WHOLE banana.
  • Gu.  Or Gu-like Substances: Santa, could you please make me some nutritional substance that doesn’t remind me of well, you know…?  I can barely stomach that stuff, but when I’m racing, I just really cannot put that in my mouth.  Could you please maybe make a TOPICAL substance that will absorb into my skin so I don’t have to have the hurlific feeling I get in my stomach?
  • Half Marathons of Death:  Santa, some race organizers make race routes in really crazy places, like the Davis Half Marathon.  They so try to avoid a flat course, that the whole thing winds around and around and around.  And yeah, while we’re at it, could you make the organizers avoid tunnels like at Nike Women’s Half Marathon?  Tunnels and curvy roads.  A little bit is okay.  A lot is…yanno…annoying.
  • Glasses and/or Better Eyes:  Is there any way Santa that you can either give me better eyes or provide with some on course glasses?  As you can see from the Mammoth Rocks Race, I uploaded a picture of me from my phone that was nearly pornographic.  I couldn’t help it.  I wanted to show off the medal.  It didn’t.  No, not so much.  I can’t read my phone on the course, and I can’t carry glasses, so you know…that would have saved me some embarrassment.
  • My hat:  Santa, I talked to the Sugoi people.  To the Title Nine People.  To my coach.  I need my hat.  If you could only give me one gift, I’d really like that hat back.  Here’s a picture of it in case you think I’ve been good enough.  I’m even willing to put a really bad photo up to show you how much I want that hat back. 

  • Sub 5 Marathon: Santa, this is the last thing I’ll ask you for.  Seriously, dude.  I’m the girl with the attitude.  I’m the girl who makes stupid signs for runners.  I never ever bandit a race.  I don’t wear race shirts until I have run the race.  I don’t cut corners. I have trained my butt off and fell short both times this year.    I thought LA was my race.  It wasn’t.  Then I did MCM with my coach, and got vertigo on the course.  Santa, I was ready.  I was trained.  And, I’ve decided to go to LA.  So Santa.  Listen up, dude.  I’ve got the mojo.  I’m registered by one of your elves.  I’m going back to my town.   Couldja please find it in your heart to gimme the focus, the drive and the heart to carry out this sub 5 goal?  I promise to be very very good next year too.



**Oh damn! Guess what I forgot?

2008 Christmas Card


In case you didn’t get our Christmas Card, here it is.  Do you think we were excited for 2009?  Found that quote and attached it to our New Year’s greeting.  It exemplified how I really felt about turning that calendar page!

Yes, my oldest became a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Yes, my youngest was on the winning baseball team for his age.

…but, really?  Mom just wants to get over the drama of the divorce that never ends.  It’s finally over, and yes.  It’s 2009!  (That was us at the Ripon Mother’s Day 5K).  That’s the infamous catwalk behind us.

(PS-Ran 2.7 yesterday in the mist.  Fabulous, and starting my year out right!)

**From Christmas Wrapping, by the Waitresses

T minus 3 days

I love these pictures.  Tonight, the Bret Favre Chili relative-to-be, and my niece bought me an Onyx Scrabble Board.  I love Scrabble.  I had gotten him a new dictionary, and wrote, “Welcome to the family” on the inside.  Since we won’t be here at Christmas, we exchanged gifts with them tonight.  I had to take the inagural picture of our first game.

First word?  LAUGH

Santa Watch:

  • Miss Morgan, in shadow above, on her way following her cousin (Gymnotes #1) to the Nutracker in Thousand Oaks.
  • The Russian Dancers.  Best part of the show.
  • Better yet:  watching my wineyard sister trying to look alive and excited for her granddaughter.
  • Nephew barbecuing steaks.
  • Boys playing Pirates of the Caribbean for Wii.
  • Sitting by the fire with my Mom and sister, discussing our family.
  • Cupcake niece showed up, but she was “gone” shortly thereafter.  Not physically, you understand.
  • Gymnotes #2 and I doing Yoga on FitTV together.
  • My parents’ church.  We sat next to a guy who’s been on Law and Order a lot.  Apparently.  Don’t watch it.
  • Drinking.  Lots of it.  None of that by me.

I will keep warm with that black Onyx Scrabble board this winter.  I have no need for any drama.

3 days.  Going back home to drop off boys, and my family is begging me to come back. 

$$$$$$$$$$$  Need I say more? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

T minus 4 days

Santa watch from Woodland Hills.

  • My Mom:  Honey, what is that thing on your head?  That pink and brown thing?  Me:  Mom, it’s a hat I wear when I run.  My Mom:  Well, no one knows what it is.  Uh, okay.
  • Gymnotes #2:  Mom, I don’t really think there’s a Santa.  Me:  Really?  I’ll make sure you don’t get one of your gifts.  Him:  Oh, I THINK there is, but I’m not really sure.   (I think he’s real, if you want to know the truth)
  • In the photo below, you’ll see the picture of the front of my Jr. High School, Hughes Jr. High.  Down the street from my house, and where the Karate Kid was filmed (please see the cocktail party page, above)
  • My boys and their bikes that Grandpa built from scratch.  They rode in the coolish air, then we went for nonfat yogurt up on Ventura & Shoup.  Yummy.
  • Me:  Mom, I’m going to do Yoga at 7.  My Mom:  You can’t.  We’re eating then.  Me:  I will just eat afterward.  My Mom:  Come right now (7pm).  We are eating RIGHT NOW.  Any wonder I might have issues with food?
  • My Dad:  Let’s have a talk about your finances.  Me:  <insert whole rundown>  My Dad:  I’m proud of you, honey.  All this that you’ve gone through has taught you how to make changes.  Me:  Couldn’t I have learned that without this lesson?
  • WWE Smackdown entertaining the troops.  My boys love this show, and I abhor it…except when they are entertaining the troops.  Then, I realize how freaking GREAT they are.
  • My nephew.  Joining the National Guard on Monday.  Hated the Navy, but going back in because he didn’t capitalize on all that was offered.  He’s 27, and lost.
  • My Dad’s barbecued hamburgers.  How come everything tastes so good down here?
  • The thought of my first Christmas alone.  I drop the boys off at 8:30, then take off…where?  I will be fine.  It will just be the first time.
  • Cupcake Niece is nowhere to be found.  MizFit asks to post a pic of the tat, and I had my camera ready all day, should she come over, but no luck.
  • Last, but not least, I find a race held on February 8th in Davis (the Stampede).  I turn 50 years old on February 6th.  I looked at the stats of the 50 year olds, and by my most current time, it looks like I will be clearing my shelf for trophies, ribbons and medals.  Ahhhh.  The only good thing about getting older…


*Mom & I going on a 2 mile walk.*

*Hughes* Jr. High, home of famous Karate Kid scene.

Best Yogurt Ever.

T minus 5 days

People are idiots.  See that little sign?  It says icy conditions.  That’s the Grapevine from the San Joaquin Valley to Woodland Hills, and my Mother’s house.

I get up there, and I swear, there are ice patches all over the place, and people are driving 80.  I was scared to death. 

It’s amazing how judgmental I can be, considering I received 2 speeding tickets JUST LAST MONTH, and one right on the Grapevine, to the tune of $400.  Include the fact that I did traffic school in November, and you have an increase of $100 on your insurance bill.

But, I digress.

Here’s the Santa watch countdown for today.

  • Boys, in all their glory with their older cousins playing Smackdown on the Wii.
  • Christmas music on K-EARTH 101.  I listened to oldies when I was in High School.  The oldies Christmas program is fantastic.
  • As I’m typing:  Elvis, Blue Christmas.
  • Current conditions in Woodland Hills:  Sunny & 50 degrees.
  • Current conditions in Ripon:  36 & Cloudy
  • My Mom.  A saint.  Runs over to my niece’s house to retrieve 2 more Wii controllers, so that all the cousins can play.
  • My middle sister and her husband, owners of the very successful wine bar in Ventura County…drinking eggnog, playing Scrabble.
  • Qi:  A word that continues to haunt us all.  We can never remember which dictionary has it.
  • Magi:  Who knew it was proper noun?  Not me, obviously.
  • My youngest sister’s daughter, who in her teen-age rebellion, and to my sister’s dismay…got a tattoo of a  4″x4″ cupcake on her forearm.
  • Bride niece, who is FREAKING OUT because Cupcake Niece is in her wedding in June.
  • Oh, couple that with the fact that we can’t show the tattoo to my Dad, because he will FREAK OUT too, and you have all the makings of a most crazy and fun family get together!!
  • …and I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Should be a fun weekend!!!!!