WEbelos: Making Young Men

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And another chapter of our life comes to a close.

In February 2007, my boys’ world was all shook up.  Not knowing what to do, I turned to the Cub Scouts.  I literally took my boys to their first meeting three weeks after our separation.

I watched in awe as boys happily ran around making neckerchief slides, eating cookies and driving their den leaders crazy.  My boys didn’t love it the first night, so we waited until that summer to really commit to Scouts.

You know what happened?  I became the WEbelos I leader, and my soon to be ex was set up to be the Wolf leader.  With some help from others who came before us, we soon had 6 boys each in our dens.  We sold popcorn, we built and rode on floats.  We did all of the activity badges (and then some).

My oldest bridged over two years ago.  My youngest then started WEbelos I, and today marks the last den meeting of our Cub Scout career.  Four years of accounting, keeping track, whittling bars of soap, making Pinewood Derby cars…and four years of watching my boys grow into young men.

I have been a leader for all of these years.  But I could never repay to Scouting what it has given my children.  Children who were devastated at the breakup of their family…who cried themselves to sleep many nights…who didn’t know who to turn to…These boys had their uniforms and neckerchiefs, and Scout books ready for their meetings.  They fished and swam, went bow hunting and rifle shooting.  Boys who could have very well just sat around surveying their broken home, were literally saved by Scouting.  We visited museums, went on hikes, camped and biked.  Boys learned everything that boys need to learn, things I never could have taught them on my own.


And even as Cub Scouting comes to an end, we know it’s NOT the end.  My oldest is very involved in Boy Scouts, and the youngest will soon join him.  I thank the Cub Scouts for letting me be a part of this for four years.  For all the times I sat up and planned meetings, for all the times we were racing around trying to get our acts together…even as I was training for marathons, and they were entrenched in their school activities…Cub Scouts were a huge part of our week.

For this, I am truly grateful.

We must depend upon the Boy Scout Movement to produce the MEN of the future.
Daniel Carter Beard


Oh, “Patron Saint of Lonely Souls”*

It’s getting harder.  I mean, I try to be upbeat and kind.  I’m trying to navigate this trifecta of crap:  marriage/job/house.  Then, I find out from the DMV that I am now on Probation due to 4 points on my driving record.  I get a phone hearing, in which I plead my case.  2008 was hard. 

I go to my son’s baseball practice.  This is a new traveling team that he tried out for, and made.  He is an excellent 1st baseman, and I’m not that even kind of a mom.  I am the team business manager, which means I collect all the forms and haul them around with me.  I come up to this group of Moms, one of which I know, and I think they are talking about something…yeah, and I try to sort of join the conversation…to be friendly.  Witchy woman looks at me and says, “I didn’t say that.”  She snarls.  I don’t know where I know her, but I’m tempted to say something, but instead I’m wounded.  …and I’m pissed.  I’m so tired of bitchy women.  Why can’t we just play nice in the sandbox?

I’m just tired and cranky.  I try not to lay my head down and night and cry.  I’m not depressed; I am simply overwhelmed.  My oldest did his Arrow Of Light testing for Cub Scouts last night (Yeah, I’m a den leader believe it or not), and he was great.  All my boys were nervous, because I want them to really know this stuff.   They did.  I drive them over to the Scoutmaster, for a conference, and they are all. joining.  Wow.

And, my kids’ Dad leaves to go home, and I’m just sick of doing this alone.  I’m tempted to call him back, but even though he is their Dad, I’m a single Mom, and I wouldn’t have ANY man friend over.  Not for a long time.

Then.  Alarm.  4:30am, and Kim is in the front. 

My clothes are out, ready to go.  I walk with her in 36 degree weather to our start.  The music plays, and suddenly.  Gratitude.  I end up doing 4.8 miles, but when I get out of the shower, I look like I have a tan…I have cold burn.  The racing stripes from my pants are burned into my skin…and oddly, I don’t care.  My blister is half callous, and half blister, and didn’t hurt.

Great songs today:

  1. Christmas Wrapping, by The Waitresses
  2. In The Mood by Glenn Miller
  3. Lost Highway by Bon Jovi

…and all is well.  Really.

*Title from Lost Highway Lyrics, by Jon Bon Jovi

Looks like snow

This weekend celebrates the coming of spring in our town…The Almond Blossom Festival.  On my drive this morning, this is what I saw over and over again.  Looks like snow, eh?

Perhaps.  Perhaps, I’ll even get a run in this weekend.  Tomorrow, I will go root Kim and her son on as they do the 8K run…

When you’re married and with family, this is a very fun weekend.  If you’re not, it’s a mind trip.  Little, tiny town.  My boys’ Dad and I usually get the Cub Scout float ready for the parade…

Nothing spectacular about this post.  I’m just sayin’.  Life has a way of cracking you open, and letting the love in just the same.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check out my new sticky post on the top of the blog!

another school year starts.

This is my classroom as I saw it today. NO, not really. Internally, I groaned when I walked into yet another school room. I’ll be teaching English at a Continuation High School come Monday. I looked at the walls, at the floor (it’s a portable), and sighed. Here we go again.

Then, I started tearing stuff off the walls, and that young woman who first taught in 1981 came out to play. I started seeing possibilities. How will I impart the knowledge that they need to know? How will I help them become productive members of society? That, I think, is the real question. The other question is, with all the interviewing, hustling, transcript ordering, etc., why in the world is God placing me here? What will they learn from me?

More importantly: What will I learn from them??

Today’s run: Yes, I’m going to put my digits up on the board, for myself and to keep honest in Quadrathon’s challenge. You’ll notice I named the run Quadro 1. 🙂 Ate pretty well today, lost a pound. Everybody keep back, I’m winning those prizes!!

Date: 8/5/2008 5:15 AM
Type: Hill
Course: Quadro1
Distance: 3.32 miles
Duration: 35:39
Pace: 10:45 / mile
Shoe: ASICS 2130 Pink (1)
Weight: 😦 OINK
Statistics: Calories: 459
VO2 Max: 27.2

First Three: Push it, Salt & Pepa/Thanks for the Memories, Fall Out Boy/Give It to Me, Madonna.

Off to National Night Out with the Cub Scouts. Betcha didn’t know that I’m a leader, huh??


Days Of Our….What the hell?

I’m home, tidying up, packing for a Cub Scout weekend with two boys and my separated, soon-to-be-divorced husband.  Yeah, we are all camping in one tent this weekend.   Thank God the tent is as big as my front yard.


So, I’m making beds, and happened to turn on the TV, so I could make sure The Soup gets taped…DVR’d…whatever tonight.  I happen to see this soap opera.  I think it’s Days of our Lives.  Now, mind you, I was an ABC snob…All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital…in college I planned my classes around no Fridays to see the soap before the weekend. 


So, here are some snippets:

A guy named Patch is about to sleep with this girl…in walks his girlfriend? wife? and she is not mad, she says she is not leaving.  He says to the girl…YOU PLANNED THIS!  Puts on his pants, denies he was going to sleep with her.  Oh, did I say he has a Patch on his eye?

Marlena, I think I remember her.  She’s at her husband’s house while he is waiting for his date to arrive and she says Married People Don’t Date.  BTW, she’s wearing some kind of sparkly toga thing.


Daytime TV.  No wonder they created Reality Shows.


Oh, and I ran 2.6 this morning at a 10:38 pace.  I need to get my mojo back.  Another 5K in a few weeks.


Off to the campgrounds…