bloggy love.

I have finally cleaned up the links on my page.
On the right border, you’ll see the category, “bloggy love”.  I made a Pinterest board with all my favorite blogs.  If you click on it here,  you’ll find all my favorite blogs, which I think is pretty cool.  At a glance, you can see the best (as I see it).

In other news.  I’m getting out of the house today.  I may go to the gym.  I may not.  But.  I’m getting out.

in which Gymnotes becomes a Facebook Page (or how not to join Google circles)

Gymnotes is now a page.  Click on that lil badge on the right side.

Why now?

With the advent of Google Circles, I see that people are compartmentalizing all their contacts in family, friends, runners, etc.  I’m just not there yet.  I really appreciate that this cool running/Ironman couple share their long distance love on Facebook.  If they only shared it with their Ironman friends, well, I would never get to know that aspect of them.  That my math teacher runner friend shares everything about her training, and not just math…?  Well, that gives me the well rounded, 3D personality that I am seeking.  So, I am not Google Circling.  Not yet.

I made Gymnotes a page because sometimes my running stuff might get a tad monotonous to non-runners…just like my music selections and rants about the coffee shop or cute quotes might be insignificant to my running pals.

So, Gymnotes is a Page.

Go like it, wouldja?



cleanse. over.

A month ago, I gave up Twitter.  Just hit the delete button, and said goodbye to 900 followers.  Or 900 avatars, about 100 followers.  People I knew in real life I sent to Facebook.  Then, came the Facebook Cleanse, in which Harley Guy and I spent 30 days offline.  I blogged about my boredom and my restlessness.  I lost friends, but gained my sobriety. 

I still blogged here.  In fact, I blogged more.  And, I didn’t rely on comments for feedback, or people to send my blog posts to the social media world.  I embraced the chatty, free flow thinking of the way I write, and wrote here. 

I planned my next marathon.  I created a Hanson Training Plan and enabled a new page at the top of my blog, which is an interactive Google Calendar.  I start training next week.

We came back yesterday to Facebook.  We exchanged our passwords and logged on.  I stared at the screen full of activity that I’d been missing this month, and sort of started to remember this event, or wow, your mom died, or yeah…you ran that race…

…and I wondered what, if anything, I had to add to the conversation.

My world has become quiet this last month.  I attend baseball games, and my head isn’t in my phone tweeting.  I go to coffee and lunch with people and my phone is in my purse.  I have started to use my device to add to my life, instead of detract.  I set up Google Calendars, Weight Loss and Running Apps, Feedreaders, so that my time online is limited.  I wrote in journals, and read books and newspapers.  But.  I was present.  My boys and I established a ritual Wednesday night Family Night (shifting from Sundays).  I cooked.  I cleaned.  I taught sons how to fully do laundry.  Wash, Dry, Fold, Put away.  We streamlined.

So. I’m back.   I don’t even know what that looks like, yet here I am.

A Wall of Noise

It’s eerily quiet.

I can hear the wind blow, the birds sing.  All that shit.

I have become.  Sedate.

Twitter has been gone since April 13th.

Facebook has been gone since April 15th (but I’m coming back)

I miss my friends, near and far.  The ones who stayed up late with me, ran races with me

who chit chatted about the weather and food and boyfriends.

I click. click. click. on Internet Explorer, yet there’s nothing to see or do.

I look at blogs.  I comment. 

I plan my next race.  Half-heartedly.

I read a book.  Or two.

And for the first time since 2003, the wall of noise that is my internet

has been silenced.

I’m uncomfortable at first.

Then I get used to it.

I listen to myself.  I pray.  I talk to Harley Guy.

And yet.

I crave that wall.  I do.

Things To Do When You’re Not Doing The Internet

  • Think about running
  • Go to the gym.  I did this.
  • Not creep up on other people’s Facebook & Twitter pages
  • Read a book
  • Take a nap.  Harley Guy and I did this.  It was cool.
  • Play backgammon.  Sadly, he’s only one won game.
  • Write.  I’m writing in my journal, though I have nothing to say right now.
  • Cook.  Made a crock-pot full of chili.  Where has my crock-pot been?  Sadly stowed away until I could focus on it.
  • Think about reading and sorting my old cook books.
  • Watch re-runs of Rescue Me.  Yeah.  I have all these sets of shows, but don’t watch them.
  • Say hello to people I love on IM.  Send emails.  Write letters.
  • Actually post on my girlfriends’ private blogs. We have been going for 8 years now.  I am a skimmer, and now I’m actually reading them.  I’ve been a terribly bloggy friend.
  • Get Amtrak tickets to see Harley Guy.  Search website…you know, deals, points, all that jazz that I never see.
  • Read old running blogs.
  • Comment on old running blogs.
  • Think about a fall marathon.  Think some more…
  • Give blood.
  • Pray
It’s been 3 days.  God help me with this Facebook Cleanse.