It’s happening.

Yeah.  Whether I like it or not, it’s happening.

I’m going to be 50 years old on Friday.  50 50 50 50.

Do you realize that it’s a half of a century?

Half of a dollar?

50 cent

50 states

50 ways to leave your lover

Here’s some things I will be doing to celebrate: 

  • Picking up Lisa at the Sacramento airport Thursday night.  What kind of a girlfriend flies in to California from Nebraska in the middle of winter?  Heh.
  • Working on Friday, eh…
  • Going to see Wicked in San Francisco Friday night.
  • Having a 50 year old Bowling Party on Saturday night, complete with iPhone cupcakes!!!
  • Running a 5K in the Davis Stampede on Sunday morning with Lisa & Kim.

Here are some things I won’t be doing to celebrate:

  • Signing up for the AARP (they keep sending me these silly cards)
  • Joining the Red Hat Society
  • Writing referrals for any student.  I mean anyone.  Even if they call me every name in the book, snort cocaine in my classroom, text and use their cell phones…I am not writing one referral.  Happy Birthday to me.
  • Join, EHarmony, or anything of the sort.

It’s happening.  I thought I was ready.  I don’t have much choice now, do I??…because the alternative is dead.  And, I’m not ready for that either.

Bring. It. On.  50, Baby.  Here I come.

Starbucks Banana

(posting from my iPhone)…I can’t believe this, but my favorite Baristas are selling a Starbucks Banana.

This is why I love this store. Besides the fact that they always have a water ready for me after my run, their sense of humor can’t be matched.

The girl holding the banana came to my Summer school class on her own time, and taught my kids how to fill out an application. Good stuff.