Hills Are Speedwork In Disguise.

Today’s quest: 4 miles.  1 mile warm up and cool down.

And 2 miles of hills.  Only problem:  Where to find one. 
We settled for the catwalk

It was our return to training.

All those 3 milers last week, and 2 more weeks of base building.

Then training.

Our goal was to do 2 full miles of hills, so we did the catwalk 18 times.  Yes. 18.

And, it was hard and my hamstrings were begging for mercy and my glutes are still sore as I type.

But, I’ve never felt more alive. 

Hills.  We eat them for breakfast.  Still.

Either You Run The Day Or The Day Runs You.

NorCal Marathon here I come.  September 18.  Training starts June 1.  Flat, and through San Jose.  It’s a first time mary, so it will have its kinks.  No worries.  No Social Network to get me moving.  This one’s all me. 

Training Plan:  Hanson Plan

Weeks in Plan:  18

I ran another 5K this morning, this time 1:30 minutes faster.  I need some time to build my base.  I’m shooting for all 4 milers next week, and dropping the poundage that has crept up on me.  (I’m not training, yet I’m eating like I’m training)

Join me on marathon #5!!

To all my friends and family:  Sorry in advance for my non-stop talk about running.  Bear with me. 

Factors in picking my next marathon

  1. Expense:  I had to local.  I had to stay NORCAL. $80 is just right.
  2. Time:  I need time to recover so I can come back to LA strong in March.
  3. Getting back on the horse:  Filling out an entry blank.  Just do it.
  4. Travel:  No travel, no stress.  San Jose is about 1.5 hours away.
  5. Summer Training:  Keep busy-No job prospect gives me too much time to think.
  6. Size:  I’m anticipating a small field.  Training will be solo.  Racing will be solo.
  7. NIKE:  Didn’t get in to NIKE.  If I want to run, I’ll be fundraising with TNT
  8. Free Training: I like the Hanson plan, but the word Free means something too.
  9. BQ: It’s a first run marathon, but it’s getting certified.  This is good.
  10. Lots of time to build my base:  1 month.