Phys Ed Class…running as punishment…

Raise your hand if you remember getting laps as punishment during PE class.  Yep, me too.  I hated running, but I hated anything that had to do with exercise…Except in Jr. High I was sort of in a *girl  crush* on my PE Teacher, who was the only female role model for sports…It was the 70’s, so she was rather masculine…when only masculine women could be athletic.


Fast forward:  I taught Jr. High PE for 4 years.  REALLY taught the last two.  Now I’m with the little kids:  1st-6th grade.  Every teacher I know gives laps for punishment…me too…I usually call it a *memory jog*…so you can jog your memory about how to behave (thanks Gina).  However, it’s really punishment.  Given my love of running NOW, I’m re-thinking this. 


If you do poorly in long division, yeah the teacher usually gave you more long division.  Did it help?  Probably not.  A good teacher would sit with you and try to explain it slowly, more efficiently, etc.  So, if I give you running as a punishment for not running, how does that help?


We do a jog-walk-jog warm up every day.  I really like it.  Last week, I started the jog-walk-sprint warm up.  I’m trying to teach my students the arm placements for each.  That by the time you are sprinting, your arms are really pumping.  When you jog, hold your hands as if you are holding a little bird or an egg (thank you Lidii), breathe…breathe…


In my job, my passion is looking at the un-fit, and trying to inspire them to work their body.  I tell my paraprofessionals that I want them to look for one student during the period to target with an overabundance of praise and attaboys…The best part of my job came last week, when I told a severely overweight 1st grader what a great job he was doing…He started telling everyone that I said he did a great job.  And you know what?  He started running.  Hard. 


Running as punishment?  Not any more.

random thoughts…

So, Robman tells me that he is sick and tired of only reading about my runs.  I’m like that.  I must do something until it is DONE.  Currently, I’m fascinated with everything running…shoes, blogs, gear, races.  I do remember a knitting phase a few years back, so in honor of Robby, I will refrain from only talking about running today.  (The quick and dirty stats are at the END of this post.)

1.  John Mayer.  Have I said what an amazing man this guy is?  I am so glad he came back to blog a bit, and I for one think he is right on.

2.  I’m grateful to Starbucks.  For the second time in a run this week, I had to race in to use the facilities.   We ran the Starbucks to Starbucks run this morning.  Sorry, had to throw a bit of running in the mix.

3.  Run, Fat Boy Run.  This movie was a scream.  I loved it on so many levels.  The previews looked amazing too, so there are other movies on my list for the summer….

  • Sex and the City
  • Mongol
  • Son of Rambow
  • and something else I forget.  OHHH Disturbia.  I think.  I’m too lazy to go and look back on my iPhone because I wrote it down.

4.  I cooked waffles and bacon this morning.  I know.  I usually have the eggbeater/spinach/2% cheese bit with a bowl of oatmeal, applesauce and strawberries…known among a few friends as the Mona oatmeal.  But, a guilty pleasure…making homemade waffles from scratch, including whipping the hell out of the egg whites.

5.  School starts again tomorrow after Spring Break.  I got my job back.  Yay!  I teach 6 periods of PE and am out at 2:40.  What could be better? 

6.  Note the new Dodger’s Blog on the right.  Yep, it’s that time of year again.  Go Dodger Blue!
Now, the run.  Not pretty, stop and start…but it was overcast and lovely running over the overpasses.  The best part of running hills?  Coming down.

Date: 3/30/2008 7:00 AM
Type: Hill
Course: Jack Tone/Wilma Overpass
Distance: 2.84 miles
Duration: 30:46
Pace: 10:50 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: :l
Weather: 51° F, Overcast
Notes: Had to stop at Starbucks and then re-start. Would like to try this run again without the pit stop.
Statistics: Calories: 384
VO2 Max: 26.7

January 8, 2008–A fresh start…

Yes, I’ve done it.  Made the move to a new school district, where again I will be teaching PE.  It’s not that I didn’t love teaching English.  I did.  PE continues to be my favorite subject, because I have a passion to get kids moving and loving it.

Nothing really new to blog, except that I jump roped, ran and stretched with four classes yesterday, and it was COLD (to my East Coast friends, I’m sorry…), COLD is 45 degrees to me.  So, I was wet, sore, tired. 

…and so so happy.

This is going to be a fun year.  🙂

Tonight we continue our run.  For a 48 year old gal, I think running an 11:42 mile pace is pretty good.  Those ten pounds I added while teaching English will surely come off soon.  One more week until the 5K in San Mateo!!