It’s The Socks

It’s the socks.

All this time, the numbing on my feet that I thought was due to the shoes?  It was the socks.

Today, I had an 8 mile LSD on tap, and threw on my Wright Socks, stuffed down in the bottom of the drawer, there.  I had several other running socks.  Tons of pairs.  I remember I bought the Wright Socks a few years ago, and loved the double layer of blister protection it offered.  However, I run so many days in a row, I pull out pair after pair, and I simply forget about how good they are.

The last several weeks, I’ve had to run through a toe-numbing around mile 3.  Well, today, that just never happened.

I threw on those socks, and headed out for the run.  At mile 5 it started pouring, and went on that way for the next 3 miles.  But I never got the numbing…the kind that makes me run on my toes.

I thank the socks, and listen up Wright Socks:  You’re going to San Luis Obispo.

End of an Era.

I bought Crash Davis in December 2009.

3 Marathons later, countless miles tracked.

And finally, the dog has died.

I am sending it back today…just like Crash Davis.

Being shipped to AAA ball.

But, I loved this watch.  It’s big computer like thingy on my arm.

No, I don’t want the cute little circle watch.

Just this one, please.

Garmin is sending me another one.  Refurbed.  $55.

So, I say goodbye to Crash Davis.

And thank this watch for all the life and miles and trips.

It’s gone from California, to Virginia, to Washington DC.

To San Antonio, to Los Angeles.

And now, it’s going home.


1854.81 miles.

marshmallow pie.

I got this really odd email a few weeks before the LA Marathon.  It was from a representative of K-Swiss.  Or so it seemed.  A Turner PR representative told me to stop by the K-Swiss booth during the expo, and they would send me a pair of shoes.

Well, I did that…sorta hung around the joint, and really didn’t know what to do.  I left, thinking nothing of it.  She had assured me that YEAH, they were sending me shoes, and I’m like um, yeah.  I’m sure you are.  (have I mentioned that I’m a suspicious type?)

Today, they came to my house.  Black. Pink Neon.  I slipped them on, and felt immediately like a little slice of heaven was enveloping my feet.  Like walking on marshmallows, as some customers on the website proclaim.  I haven’t taken them off.  Due to the issues I’ve had with running since the marathon, I just haven’t found a shoe that feels so comfy for pre and post run.  Flip flops in the Summer are bad bad bad, and heels don’t cut it.  With plantar fasciitis in my left foot, and a few toe problems, I really need a shoe to kick around in that won’t compromise my run.

I’ve found them.  Marshmallow Pies.  Very reasonable, $75, and I thank K-Swiss for getting these to me!  I love them!!  

8 Mile Road.

I woke at 5am this morning, trying to get in my 8 miles before my parents arrive today.  I still run when they’re here, but I want to spend as much time with them as possible, so I thought I’d knock that out of the way.

After LOTS of discussion with my coach on what marathon pace was or half marathon pace, we settled on 10:45 pace for 6 miles, and push for the last 2.  I ran that pace in Fresno, so he wanted me to see what that felt like.

It was like walking.

I’m certain when I say that I would have never believed good ole Crash Davis could work this well, but he did.  I looked down in our first mile, and we started out at 10:01.

For the first three miles, we would speed up and slow down so as to make the 10:45 pace.

Mile 1-10:47

Mile 2-10:34

Mile 3-10:52

It was brutal.  I was ready to give up this slow pace back when we came off the overpass at 9:31, but I was also WILLING to listen to direction.

At mile 4, our pace was 10:44, and I just couldn’t stand it anymore.  The sun was out, yet still foggy, people were running, biking and doing all things California, while I…I was slugging through a slow run.

At mile 5, I decided to stop looking at Crash.  I mean, my arm was tired from turning toward my eyeballs so much, and I had been squinting for better part of each mile to find the pace.  An old man drove right into us, yelling for us to get out of the street, and instead of flipping him off, I yelled back at him.  I was cranky.  Kim’s feet were dragging, I was ready.

As we turned at Spring Creek to hit mile 7, I said, “that’s it”. 

Mile 6-10:30

Mile 7-10:16

Mile 8-10:17

I pondered my Nike Marathon during today’s run…how I was in so much pain at the end, and I have decided that my true goal is to finish feeling GOOD.  Not just dragging myself over the line, but feeling physically strong, and mentally awake. 

I was a runner the day I laced up for the first time…but now, now I am a different runner.  My goal isn’t to just finish.  It’s to finish strong, and with passion.

8 miles, overall 10:35 pace 1:24:48

Rough Running

I had a rough week of running.  But, thankfully it’s over.

I used the Garmin, and now I’ve decided to keep it, if only for it’s superb mapping skills.  What follows, though, are some of the comments I’ve made from my runs.

  • Tuesday, Intervals:

I really screwed this up. Reading from Garmin:

I jogged MOST of it, and i thought i was hauling ass. The thing I will NOT tolerate is Crash determining what I do, instead of feeling my body, and feeling what it can do.

Stats are clunky, but they are here, and ugly.

I only was in 9:42 for 1, 2 & 6th interval. Everything else in the 10 range. Thought I was in Rest phase.

Whatever. It was infuriating. I think I’m more upset because I didn’t know what my body was doing…and like most races, I need an internal gauge, not what some arm laptop is telling me.

  • Wednesday:

Just a five miler in town.  Nothing to write home about.  Foot was still sore where the dog ran into me the week before.  (did i mention this?)

  • Friday:

Slower, slower, slower.  An 11:38 conversational 4 miles.  I ran out to the Country Club and back.  Did walking lunges and sumo squats for the first time in 2 years.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED them. (today, not so much)

  • Saturday:  Called for a 10 minute per mile 6.2 miler.

Was sick earlier in the day. Ate an egg white omelette that didn’t sit well. Kim called again, and so I was on my own.

Decided to go to the Green Bridge. I knew a half mile in it was going to be a stomach cramp day.

Mile 1-3 was faster, but at 3.8 I had to stop…or throwup. I was on a road I didn’t know, and it was too narrow for me and cars, as it was too close to the road.

I stopped for about 3 minutes, and felt very sick.

Realized the fastest way back was to run.

Mile 4-6 rough, because I had to go to the bathroom. Omelette. Garmin was good because it kept me honest on the mileage, but didn’t like that I had so much further to run.

At the bottom of the overpass, I saw Salon. Watch turned off at 6.21, and I ran into to salon of women, who thankfully pointed me in the direction.

It was done. Had to walk a bit home.

CORE done today and yesterday. Could feel my quads from walking/sumos.

I’m not having fun because I am looking at the watch. Catch 22…because I like the map feature, but it’s like running with a laptop on my arm.

So, didn’t make the time, but did the run.

  • Sunday

Called for an easy five.  But, it was hard.  It hurt.  CORE was sore, quads were sore.  Still feeling sick.

I ended up putting in the miles this week, but I didn’t have any fun.  The reason is this:  Crash Davis (Garmin) was ruling my runs.  I had to train myself yesterday to not look ONE TIME.  I want to look to see how well I’m doing, but then if I’m not on target, I mentally check out.

Today, I took my $10 Walgreens watch with me.  Looked at it once.  The difference is, the accuracy of my run may have been different.

I’ve decided to keep my baby.  He’s not going back to the store.  However, he’s not the only watch in this house, and I will not be ruled by this arm laptop.

I run for the feeling, and for fun.  Anything keeping me from that will be eliminated to the back of the charging table.  All in all, a rough week, but those things happen.

The Garmin, Part 1

Waiting.  Waiting for the Garmin.

Thinking it is God’s gift to Runners.

I get it after a week.

I sit there, with the box. 

I open other mail.

I get some cookies.

I look at the box.

I name it Crash Davis.

Something that is old, but cool.  Like me.

I feel it in the box, wanting to come out.

I take it out.

I try it on my arm.  The coolness on my wrist.

Taking pictures.

I put it back in the box.

I am so excited.

Like having a baby.


What will it look like?

Will I be a better runner with it?

And, like all the advice you get before you have a baby,

It’s not the same as when YOU get the baby.


It beeps.

I get more advice.

People call in,

and I remember when I tried to nurse my son.

Friends over at midnight showing me what to do.

I set the workout

I take it out for a spin

I can’t even read the damn thing.

I hear the beeps.

I’m running to Crash, not the other way around.

Like a baby.

Making demands on me that I do not understand.

And tonight I’m wondering.

If there is a place to send babies back.

Because this Garmin business.

It may not be for me.  Yet.

Larry: Who’s this? Who are you?
Crash Davis: I’m the player to be named later.

To Mizuno or NOT to Mizuno

This week’s runs: 60 min on Tuesday, 60 min today…Missed intervals yesterday morning due to staying up until 3am the night before.

Kim and I got started on our first mile, after the required 5 minutes of therapy on the way to the start.  At the first mile, I was drenched.  The second mile, my stomach was yelling at me.  Raisin Bran is not my friend.  I ate a bowl for dinner, and I guess it was a bit *too* much bran, as the first orchard we came to at mile 3, I had to take a little side trip.  A cop drove by, and Kim waved him off.  Nice.

Mile 3-5 was sluggish and painful. 

Now, for the crux of the post.  Mizunos.  I have a love affair with them, and although they are good to me in the beginning of the relationship, they don’t last.  They lie (hmm…I’m sensing a trend in my life).  Each time, I get 200 miles max out of them.  Then, they are done.  No warning, no long goodbyes.  Simply flatten.  I thought it was my inserts.  I don’t think so.

My question today…I have Nike Women’s Marathon in 4 weeks.  Is it a bad idea to get shoes now?  Honestly, I don’t think I have a choice.  I’ve picked Mizunos so long, that I know the drill.  It’s simply time.

Toenail.  I think I’m losing one. 

And now…I’m $50 away from my fundraising goal.  So, I will run…In crappy or new shoes, with or without my toenail, because after all…nothing could be as bad as having leukemia.  This 6 months has not been about me.  At all.