i’m eating spaghetti at midnight.


yesterday, i woke with a slightly achy left foot.  on the top.  i had been noticing it a last few days, and it has been increasingly uncomfortable.  i could run with the foot, but i couldn’t walk.  i ran 5 miles, and was fine.  i feel good.  i’m ready for sunday.

then.  today, i woke with a limp so pronounced i could barely walk.  i posted a quick shout out to runners last night who all said, rest rest rest.

okay, so i’m tapering.  rest is fine.  i have the fitness, and i’m fine.  but i have a marathon in 4 days.

i went to the doctor.

who sent me to the radiologist for an x-ray.

who sent a wet read to the doctor…

and before i hear from him tomorrow, i’m reminded of his last words:  if there is no stress fracture on the x-ray, then we need to get an m.r.i.

this would be such a cruel joke.  seriously.  what happened?

so.  i sit hear with a bowl of spaghetti.  a wrapped and iced ankle.  perplexed at this turn of events.

There’s A Run In Here Somewhere.

It’s starting, though I’m trying to keep it at bay.  I may be going a little crazy.

Last night, I swore I had a sore throat.  I bought two huge bottles of Vitamin C today, as if the extra bottle would ensure I am not going to get sick.

Today, I woke up ready to run a little 6 miler.  The Hanson taper is steep and short and swift.  You are running every day, but shorter and shorter, right up until race day.

I put on my shoes, and felt it.  The ledge.  I have many posts about my shoes and how I run, but the best one was right after NIKE, when I photographed the horror of my shoe ledges.  They are 45 degree angled heels.  And, they were what I wore during NIKE.  It was ugly, but I didn’t know it.

So this morning, I suddenly went into problem solving mode.  I have at least 50 miles to run on these 250 mile shoes.  300 miles + a marathon on ledges.  That simply won’t do.   Luckily, I call Fleet Feet, and they have NIKE ZOOM Structure in stock.  They have 15s, which are $105.  I am bummed, because I didn’t plan on this expense.  I drive there, and luckily for me, they have the 14s.  Just one, in my size.  10.5  I paid $69.95 and went on my way.

You know how you never get around to running that 6?  That was me.  My sweet Row came driving up to see me, and we shot the breeze for another hour.  I bought a protein/energy bar, and went on my way to the market, where I dropped coin for groceries for teens who eat a TON of stuff.  I bought the Reese’s Easter Eggs for $.50,  and finally got home.  Both boys were off with friends, so another hour was eaten up with putting away groceries, etc.

I ate one of the eggs for a wee bit of energy, and finally, around 1:30 I took the new Nikes out for their 6 miler.  It felt good.  Different.  Can’t tell you how discouraged it feels to run a little slower, but I’m really concentrating on marathon pace for this race.  This 6 miler took forever it seemed, me…chewing over the events of the day in my head.  It was cloudy, and I had a little wind, but I finally ran over the catwalk and got home.

I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD.  I thought everyone’s head worked like mine.  Couple ADHD with Taper Madness with weather 10 days out of rain in San Luis Obispo, and all of my fears are starting to push up into my consciousness.

Just took some Vitamin C.  Breathing.  Meditating.  Looking for that space in my mind that believes I can do a 5:15 marathon.  It’s there, and I intend to find it the next 12 days.

The little race that almost wasn’t

Have you ever had a race or a run that was simply pure joy?  I mean, every step of the way?  Today was that race for me.  I am one week away from the LA Marathon, and I was asked to join a 2 man Half Marathon Relay at the ShamrockNHalf at Raley Field in Sacramento.

I was thrilled to do it, because I’m in taper week #2 now, and I knew this would keep me slightly de-focused for the marathon, and it was a short distance.  Also, my new Twitter friend Row, had taken me as a guest to her gym for a spin class, and I wanted to give back just a little bit.  Her husband’s partner dropped out, so he needed a teammate.

Enter Ms. V

The night before, I was treated to 3 hours of WWE Smackdown at the Stockton Arena.  I promised my son I would take him there, and about halfway in, I was totally over the fake fighting (wait, it’s fake, right?)  The only thing that intrigued me was the music, and how it would fit in a playlist.  But I digress.

Coupled with a midnight bedtime, daily savings was going to blow.  I was up at 4am, showered, ate my pre-breakfast, and my now pre-ritual of a half a cup of coffee.  I didn’t think I had much gas, and was hoping not  to let my friend down.

Driving to Sacramento was ROUGH.  I was so tired, but I knew by the time I got there, I would be fine.  I had to be.

There’s something different about a relay.  You’re responsible for your partner.  You can’t really blow it, because they’re waiting for you to come in.  There’s no DNF in a relay.  I mean you have to be losing a kidney to stop.

Mile 1 over the Sacramento Bridge.  Great music.  I knew the music I put on this iPod was going to be fun, and it was.  Repeat.  Mile after Mile.  Never stopped, took no water, just ran. 

Oh, the way I felt.  Not like I was flying, but that I was running.  And I loved it.   At one point, I looked at Crash, and I was running a 9:16 mile.  Without trying.



7.1 miles

10:16 pace








Today’s Playlist made the run enjoyable, and to think:  I nearly missed this race.  Thank you to all the people who support me every day.

I smiled with every song.

Wonderful Night 4:46 Fatboy Slim 

Au Fond du Temple Saint 4:50 David Byrne 

Bad Romance 4:55 Lady Gaga 

 Jump around  3:30 House Of Pain  

Poker Face Lady GaGa

Psycho (feat. Eminem) 4:46 50 Cent 

Hit the Road Jack 2:04 Ray Charles   

Ballroom Blitz 4:03 Blue Oyster Cult    

What Is Love 4:30 Haddaway 

 American Pie 8:32 Don McLean    

Ready Steady Go (Album Version) 4:16 Paul Oakenfold  

155 3:30 +44 (GREAT song!!!)

Break Your Heart (feat. Ludacris) 3:06 Taio Cruz (Brand new #1 song this week…GREAT!)

Yes We Can  – Obama Song

Lose Yourself 5:32 Eminem 

Happy Day!!

Taper Madness X 10

I’m not really sure if I’m officially *mad* yet.  Yesterday at work, I was just restless, sending my coach links for him to read:  The LAMarathon Course, Pacetats, LAMarathon activities, etc. etc.  Poor guy.  He has no idea who he’s dealing with in terms of my psyche.  So, today, he suggested I use my time to write it ON MY BLOG. 

I went to the WordPress search engine, and typed in “Taper Madness”, and went to the first ten blogs where it was mentioned.  It was a great activity, because I got to read other runners’ taper story, and learned a lot too.  So, here are those blogs, and lifted text from each of them.  I commented on each blog, and have found some great new reads.

What I really loved was looking at peoples’ tag lines, and they are underlined.

Mine is in the upper right hand corner: 

 If not now, When? 

So, here they are.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and know that Taper Madness is NORMAL.

Go Erin Go New mother, runner/marathoner, financial analyst, and a sous chef’s wife. This is my life

We have selective memory and tend to block out the unpleasant parts of marathon training; quite like how I’ve heard women who’ve gone through labor and delivery some how block out the memory of the pain and have another child.

Fit Artist She’s an artist, she’s fit, she’s the FitArtist! Watch her go! 

As your training decreases, you start to panic and imagine you are not fit enough, so think it might be a good idea to add in more runs or start running faster, but at this stage, there is no way you are going to get any fitter and should just enjoy the ‘rest’!

Run, Bake, Read  And I work and watch tv and waste time in numerous ways…

Basically, you’ve spent MONTHS training SUPER hard for something. You put in a ton of miles every week and forget what it’s like to walk without wincing in pain. And then it’s time for the taper, and you’re not quite sure what to do with this free time, and you’re TOTALLY freaking out thinking ‘OMG! What if I haven’t trained enough!’

A Marathoner: 3:30 or Death. No. Other. Options.

I will say upfront that I am not very good when it comes to taper week.  I largely attribute this fact to ignorance.  Last racing season, I didn’t really understand why rest was so important before a race and how to strategize during taper week.  I’m not saying that I’m that much more knowledgeable right now, but I do have a plan this time around

Training Hard, Hardly Training  “she’s a runner, a rebel and a stunner…” red hot chili peppers

And of course taper madness me flips out, I mean I can’t leave work early 2 days in a row!!  So unfortunately I have to go mad early like before work tomorrow…but it’s just like I want this thing starting to be taken care of already!  Not much time left…On top of all this, I feel fat from the reduced mileage and from the eating more/carbo-loading.  Especially since I was bad today and had to indulge in the warm chocolate souffle

Am I Mad Yet? running with endurance the race set before me (Hebrews 12:1)

Second One Week Out taper trap that definitely applies to me:

Trap: That Sinking Feeling

Symptoms: A feeling of malaise, depression, and hopelessness, which often accompanies the physical sluggishness that intensifies at the end of a taper.

Cause: “Generally, running counters feelings of anxiety and depression,” says Hays. “So as you run less miles, bad feelings tend to crop back up and increase.”

Solution: Take a short-term approach. “You only have to get through the rest of the taper,” says Hays. Do a little low-impact and low-intensity cross-training–like pool running–to generate the good feelings you normally get from running. Also, use your downtime to focus on other things that bring pleasure to your life, such as listening to music, cooking, and being with family and friends. And rent some funny movies or read a few joke books to lighten your mood.

Races Like A Girl

Every stupid ache and twinge heralds pre-race injury.

Run 4 Haiti

Taper madness is still in full swing.

Amy Reinink

True to their toddler-esque name, taper tantrums led me to not only get cranky, but to act out in rebellion, staying up past midnight to watch the Yankees game and devouring two unbelievably delicious salty-oat cookies from Teaism

Navy 2009

It’s tough to cut back the mileage you have come to love and count on, especially if you are feeling really fit and really eager for race day.  But too bad!  You need to.  Running less reduces your risk of injury, gives you time to rest and recover, and allows your muscles to store carbohydrates in preparation for the big race.  There is no benefit at this point to working out super hard.  So don’t overdo it.  And don’t start doing new kinds of exercise that your body isn’t used to during the times you would have been running.  This can put new stress on your muscles and cause fatigue and soreness that will not help you on the big day.

Conversely, don’t under-do it.  Do the miles in the training log!  Maybe you are starting to max out on running, and you are looking forward to the taper as a break from running before the marathon.  It’s not a break!  You still need to keep up your fitness level.  If you cut too many miles from the schedule, you will feel deconditioned and sluggish come race day.  You have worked too hard to let it all go to pot now.

Here is my plan for this week.  I didn’t run last night, but am looking forward to tonight, and the rest of the week, ending in a Half Marathon Relay in Sacramento:

TOUGH STUFF IS OVER. Now just fine tuning!!
Monday: 1-hr walk-Done, with pictures!

Wednesday: 6-miles [1m w/u @ 10:45, 4-miles @ 9:50, 1m c/d @ 10:45 

Friday: 6-miles [Hi’s & Low’s: 1m @ 10:45, 1m @ 9:45, 1m @ 10:30, 1m @ 9:35, 1m @ 10:20, 1m @ 9:20-9:30] + CORE WORK
Saturday: 3-miles Relaxed & Easy just to stay fresh and loose

Sunday: 7-miles in the Relay
Thanks to my coach, who inspires me every day.


***By the way, go to Racevine for a big winter giveaway.  I always put my race reviews there!!***