August Love. Day 1.

I have always loved August, the ugly step-child of Summer.   Most people love June, with the onset of school being out and the relief that comes with that.  July is when Summer is in full swing.  Fourth of July, dinners out, weekends at the Hamptons.  Or wherever people go.

But August.  People start to dread going back to work, shopping for school clothes, binders and backpacks.  In fact, around here, school starts around August 9th.  I mean, there is literally no Summer left at this point.  We used to be able to shop for Fall clothes for, well, FALL.  Now? It’s hot until the end of September at least, so kids just go back to school in their Summer gear.

I remember as a young bride (the first time), I would get my August issue of Good Housekeeping, and read all the recipes and sit in the air conditioned house silently wishing for Summer to be over.  I LIKE it when it’s cold outside, forcing me in the house.  I would cook dinners for that husband who worked long and hard as a laborer, and then as a contractor.  But.  I wouldn’t leave the house.

I liked August also because I was self conscious in the Summer.  I was never bikini ready, even as a 20 year old, so all that pool and lake stuff was not appealing to me.

There’s hope in August, too.  Everyone’s attention is going toward non-Summertime activities.   The hope that all the stuff that couldn’t happen in the Summer, could happen in the Fall.

Which is exactly what this post is about.  I have no job.  I look daily.  I’m very lucky to have landed a sort of part time gig that will pay into my retirement…and I’m only 6 months away from being able to pull the whole thing…to live happily ever after.  School will start soon, and while I wish I could join the working crowd, I don’t long for the all night grading sessions, the teachers’ meetings or the inane minutia that goes with the job.

This August, I am focusing on Running Love.  Day 1 brings me the most favorite Nike Ad ever.  Leave your old self behind.  I can’t run.  But I get to.  On August 27th.  I hope.

So, instead of regretting my lost running Summer, I am embracing the hope that comes with the change of the seasons.  That instead of the Tucson Marathon, I will be running another one…somewhere else, and much later.  Life changes.  You can buy the bib, but you can’t always control the ability to use it.

Here we go.  Bring me some August Love.

Authentically, Summer.

This is the first week since school ended that we don’t have anything to do.  At all.  This is what I call “real summer”.

When I was a kid, we got up, tore around on our bikes, went to the park, swam at the pool, got ice cream, hung out, built teepees, built forts, slept in the back yard, went to the park, played Barbie, played teacher, played doctor, got ice cream…you get the drift.  And, I was skinny as hell.

In an effort to make my boys “figure it out”, I allow a bit of TV in the morning and in the night.  Yesterday I screwed up by giving in to the Harry Potter marathon, and after 2 movies, the youngest was up in the middle of the night, a bit overstimulated by it all.

Right after school got out, the boys went to LA for a week with my folks, then VBS for a week, then Bass Lake for a week, then Scout camp for a week.  I had all these things planned, and they were great…but when do my boys get to relax…without the Wii, TV, DS, GameCube or computer games?

There are no more planned weeks of anything.

Today, they get to figure out what summer is all about…nothing.  Bring it on.


*how we thought those days would never end*

Monday morning report, and the last full week of summer.  I start next Tuesday at the High School in the East. 

I ran 4.2 miles on Saturday, burning 575 calories. I biked 4 miles on Saturday, over the catwalk.I did an hour of Yoga & biked 2 miles to the gym today.

Why am I so fat?

I know it’s the food, food, food…but seriously, dieting is just not fun anymore.  Heh.  I try to watch it, but after years, I mean years of dieting, I pretty much know what to do.  It’s a matter of actually doing it.  I’m 10 pounds over where I’d like to be.  Since Bass Lake, I haven’t taken a bit off of the body.  As my running partner likes to say, “Well, Linda, you ARE 15 years older than me.”

Which is like throwing a gauntlet down in front of me.  Usually.

I looked at my triceps today in the Yoga mirror.  Even without my glasses, I could see that they were a bit, um, wavy.  My body parts are rapidly descending down toward the floor.  My eyes are getting worse, needing glasses all the damned time.   I kept saying to myself, “Be Here Now, Be Here Now”, in an effort to breathe in and out.  It was tough.

You’d think I’d be depressed. 

I’m not.  Bring it on.  I’m 49 49 49 49 49.  This is what’s supposed to happen to your body as you age …(not the fat part, the other).  I’m not out of shape.  I am aging.  And it’s okay.


I’m off to the pool to swim laps, or to sit in the spa and drink a Diet Coke.

Either way, I’ll be doing what I want…it’s Summer, after all.

*All Summer Long lyrics, by Kid Rock*